A Poem of Love


A Poem of Love
by Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

His birth is the birth of Islam
His birth in this world is the birth of Islam
But his light was the first to be created
And from this light is the birth of all creation
He was and he is still, the Prophet of all prophets
The beacon of the universe and Paradises
The ocean of beauty and majesty
The sky of happiness and love
He is the perfect servant of Allah {swt}
He is The Servant
He is The Jewel, he is The Gem
He is The Mirror of the reflections of the Divine
That brings the light of heavens on this dark earth
He is the one who is with everyone
As Allah said, w`alamoo anna feekum rasoolullah
Know that the Prophet is within you
He is the one that will intercede for humanity
He is the one that can stand in front of Allah {swt} by Allah's permission
He is the Means for all creation
He is the Intercessor for all creations
He is the Light, the one Allah dresses with Light upon Light
He is the Illumination that illuminates the universe
His secrets are in heavens, His secrets are in the Presence
His Secrets are in the Divine
His Secrets are like an abundant river
His Secrets dominate the creation because he is Muhammad Rasoolullah (s)
He is the one that has been brought to the Nearness
The Nearness that no nearness can reach
The Nearness where it was revealed to him what he was asking for
The Nearness Gibril was unable to reach
The Nearness of all nearnesses and that no one can understand
His level, no one can understand
His level, no one can reach
His level, neither angel, nor human nor jinn can understand
He is what he is, only His Lord knows who he is
And as for us we say: he is the jewel of jewels
Light of lights, Secret of secrets
Heaven of heavens, the door to the Divine
The way to every seeker, the struggle of every gnostic
He is the one Allah created as Mercy for His humanity
He is the Mercy and the mercy is He
He is the Gifted-Mercy, he is the Undescribed Mercy
He is the joy and, oh rejoice O human beings in that mercy of his
Allah {swt} gave him what He did not give anyone else
Dressed him with what he did not dress anyone else
Loved him with what He did not love anyone else
He was and still is and forever will be
For every human being and for every angel that exists:
The Honored One
For him humanity was honored when Allah said:
Wa laqad karamnaa bani Adaam
Allah honored human beings for the honor of the leader
And the light and the prophet of humanity and creation
May Allah dress us with the endless dresses He dressed his Prophet
And keep us with him dunya and akhira
And make him intercede for every sin we have done
And for every lie we have lied and for every imperfection we have made
And for every mischief we have produced, for what we know and don't know
As You, O Allah, said: Laa taqnatoo bi'rahmatillha
Dont lose hope of Muhammad (s}!
O Allah make us at his threshold, at his feet, under his feet
Sincere slaves to you and sincere believers in your Prophet
We congratulate the Muslim world for the birth of the Prophet (s)
For his birth is the birth of beauty and the birth of paradises
And the light of whatever Allah created from the light of Muhammad Rasoolullah
On this night may Allah dress us with the dress of Rabbi`al-Awwal

Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

Source- As Sunnah.org

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

MSH- Ramadan Series- Michigan- 07/15/2015

Source- SufiLive Chat Log
salam 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh [ Taher 15 Jul 04:50 ]

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem [ Taher 15 Jul 04:50 ]

Alhamdulillahi Rabbi 'l-'Alameen, wa ’s-salaatu wa ’s-salaamu 'alaa ashrafi 'l-mursaleena Sayyidina wa Nabiyyina Muhammadin wa 'alaa aalihi wa sahbihi ajma`een [ Taher 15 Jul 04:50 ]

Nawaytu 'l-arba'een, nawaytu'l-'itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-'uzlah, nawaytu'l-riyaada, nawaytu's-salook, lillahi ta'ala fee hadha'l-masjid [ Taher 15 Jul 04:50 ]

nawayna 's-siyaam [ Taher 15 Jul 04:50 ]

here is a story that shows us how much we need to achieve and to struggle in order to reach our destination. every person has a desintation. li kulli wajhin muwalliha fastabaqool khayraat. everyone has a direction he is directed to and therefore run and compete for goodness. [ Taher 15 Jul 04:52 ]

so we have to know where we have to direct our face. Allah swt wanted us to direct our face towards sirat ulmustaqeem. so one person came to Sayyidina Bayazid al-Bistami (q) one day and knocked at his door and Sayyidina Bayazid opened for him . he entered and he wa slooking right and left and front. he was searching for something. it was not his house, it is the house of Sayyidina Bayazid al-Bistami (q). so the direction is for Sayyidina Bayazid al-Bistami (q) and that person is looking for a place and Sayyidina Bayazid al-Bistami (q) said what do you need, you are looking right and left. he said, O I am sorry I think I bothered you for your dhikr. he said, no but what do you need, perhaps I can help you. and the man said, I need a place for my prayer. [ Taher 15 Jul 04:53 ]

and he said you need a place? he said, there is no place everything is over each other. and Sayyidina Bayazid al-Bistami (q) said, clean your heart and you will find you cna pray whereever you are. when you clean your heart yoiu are not lying to Allah. when they asked the Prophet (s) hal mumin yasriq, does a mumin steal and the Prophet (s) said, yes might be. and does a mumin commit adultery? might be. does a mumin lie? no, you cannot lie, Allah knows you are lying. a munafiq, idha hadatha kadhdhib, when he talks he lies and avoids saying the truth. so Allah doesnt like someone to lie. when the Prophet (s) says a mumin does not lie I means he does not lie on his `uhood, his promises made on day of promises. [ Taher 15 Jul 04:55 ]

so when we come to dunya we are lying on everything. Sayyidina 'Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani (q) we are reading form his book al-fath ar-rabbani, said, keep your mind open , if your mind is not open you are lyying to Allah and dont lie. [ Taher 15 Jul 04:56 ]

Sayyidina 'Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani (q) is speaking to us. Sayyidina Bayazid al-Bistami (q) speaking to us to say to us that we tried this way and of course we are in struggle with our self, our ego one day our self lie to us, but it is a struggle. if you struggle and save your self from this lie then you celan yourself from this lie but must important, as qalb is House of Allah, as: neiterh heavenly nor earth contained Me but heart of believer contained Me, My light. so Sayyidina 'Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani (q) said, dont lie it is recorded you are lying and dont say you are afraid of Allah but in realtiy you are afraid from someone else, not from Allah swt. if you are afraid from Allah, then you follow what Sayyidina 'Ali (r) said, raas al-hikmati makhaafatullah. head of wisdom is to fear Allah but we are fearing everyting. but [ Taher 15 Jul 04:58 ]

Allah said, la taqnatoo min rahmatillah inna allaha yaghfir adh-dhunooba jami`yan. dont despair of Allah's mercy verily Allah forgives all the sins. [ Taher 15 Jul 04:59 ]

...the Prophet (s) said a mumin might fall into adultery, but lying you cannot. Allah does not accpt you to lie to Him, when you acceptd on day of promises and then come to earth and you lie. does a mumin steal, yes might be. we are trying to steal each other. [ Taher 15 Jul 05:00 ]

everyone is stealing the other. in religion competition is ok, you can compete. but you say you are afraid of Allah and you are afraid of someone else. dont be afraid of a jinn nor an human being nor aan angel. wa laa khaaf min al-hayawaan an-naatiqa. dont be afraid of animals that talk meaning human beings and the animals that dont talk. so Sayyidina 'Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani (q) put us under the classification of haywaanun naatiq, speaking animal. la takhaaf min `adhab a-dunya. dont fear the torment of this world and dont be afraid of the punishment of akhira. wa inamaa takhaaf one issue you have to fear. all those you dont get afraid from them, they are not going to touch you, but fear the mu`adhdbhib, the One who punishes. dont fear the punishment but fear the Punisher. if He wants to punish you are not going to find happiness. [ Taher 15 Jul 05:02 ]

this is what Sayyidina Muhammad (s) , istaghfirullah al-`azheem we mention his name but our hearts is something that is out of real love to the Prophet (s) so we are lying to the Prophet (s). we have to when we mention his name to say sall-Allahu `alayhi wa sallam, to clean our mention of him. salam 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh [ Taher 15 Jul 05:03 ]

one day Sayyidina Muhammad (s) was sitting with `Ayesha and and sayyida `Ayesha asked a question and the Prophet (s) said, man hoosib u`adhdhib. whoever is questioned on Judgment Day is for sure going to be punished. for sure he did something that Allah is not happy. who will give him `adhaab, Allah, the Mu`adhdhib. the Punisher. `adhaab is the punishment. so be careful from lying. [ Taher 15 Jul 05:04 ]

al-`aqil laa yakhaafu yawmun fillah, the one with a mind will not fear to face any struggle, he will do whatever he needs to face Allah swt. he is asam, dumb, not hearing not talking except talking Allah's Words. [ Taher 15 Jul 05:05 ]

there was a lady in Egypt that was very well-known 50 years ago. that anything you ask her or speak with her speaks with you giving a verse of Holy Qur'an to answer. nothing of the dunya life, only quran words, any question you ask her she brings an answer from Holy Qur'an she brings an ayah that fits what she is asked. can you do thhat [in-sha-Allah ] that in-sha-Allah has ego. I am hafizh I can do it because I memorized the Holy Qur'an. ok, can you do that in-sha-Allah . still there is somethign hidden there. say "yes" [yes] ok that is good. that `aqil doesnt do somethign except what makes Allah happy with him. all human beings are sick people. when you are sick what do you do? the sick goes to doctor or hospital to be treated. the `aqil the one with mind knows everyone is sick so he has to find the real spiritual medicine or what to recite in order to struggle to get what he wants. [ Taher 15 Jul 05:08 ]

he will direct that person to his direction, li kullin wijhatun huwa muwallihaa, that person who has mind will direct him to his direction. like that are the scholars from whom you benefit from what they say, not the scholar that wants to show off his `ilm. iblees was `alim but what he did? he destroyed himself. he was head of angels, and Allah cursed him because he was arrogant. how am I going to make sajda to Sayyidina Adam (as). Allah ordered him, make sajda, so make sajda. Allah ordered us 500 orders to follow. we are not following these orderes we are only following our egoes, our selves. dont let your religion to break. if it breaks you have to go someone who is `aqil, has mind and his heart is clean like `ulama al-umma, the ulama of shari`ah and ulama of tariqah. those who know tazkiyyat an-nafs. purify yourself through any way, through `ilm, through books, and the best is through taste. so you have to be on threshold of `alimun `aamil the `alim who does what he learned. not like us. [ Taher 15 Jul 05:11 ]

Allah swt anzal ad-da, huwa alladhee `araf min ghayrihi. Allah is the one who brought the sickness and for every sickness he brought the cure. that is why we are in constant struggle in our hearts. when we sleep we think too much and when we wake up we think too much. this one did that to me that one did that to me. forget as much as possible that makes Allah happy. grandshaykh said if you repeat an incident 2 hours before it is backbiting. that will take you away from Allah's Divine Presence. [ Taher 15 Jul 05:13 ]

it is mentioned by Abu Moosa al-Ash`ari, that the Prophet (s) said, (al-Hindi in Kanz al-`Ummal). ya `ibadee kullukum daal illa man hadayta, o my servants you are all on wrong direction except the one whom I guided. that is why Allah sent messengers. the only one who is not misguided is the one whom I guided. wa d`aee illa man qawaytahu, and the weak person except whom I gave power, and a poor man that I made rich [ Taher 15 Jul 05:14 ]

fas'aloonee uteekum, so ask Me I will give you, as I gave poor one to become rich and as I give power to a weak one. [ Taher 15 Jul 05:14 ]

wa in jinnikum wa insikum... janaaha ba`ooda. if the ones before you and the ones after you the jinn and ins, those are alie and those who died everything that has life in it, if Allah brings all together to ask Allah, and they come on the heart of one of My servants, nothing tehy are going to increase My Kingdom, whatever jinn and ins come together and say "Ya Allah!" they are not goign to increase anyting in my mullk. and if all of them are runnign from Me noting is going to disturb Me nor decrease my kingdom even the wing of a mosquito. [ Taher 15 Jul 05:16 ]

dhalik bi annee waahidun, `adhaabee kalaamun wa maghfiratee kalaamun wa lam yata`azham ... wa law kaburat. that is because I am One, I punishe with my Words and I forgive with My words as long as he does not get arrogant even if your sins are grave and a lot. if you lost Me you lost everyting, If I passed by you you lost everything. we hope that Allah swt will give us from His endless mercy. [ Taher 15 Jul 05:18 ]

`an an-Nabi (s) anna jaa ilayhi rajulun wa qala lahu inneee uhibuk fillah. a man came to the Prophet (s) and said, I love you for sake of Allah. [ Taher 15 Jul 05:18 ]

this is different from hadith of the Bedouin, when he asked about the Day of Judgment and the Prophet (s) aked what he prepared for it? and he said, I have your love and love of Allah swt. and this hadith is completely different from that one. [ Taher 15 Jul 05:19 ]

it depends on time and place and what the Prophet (s) wants us to get from that. so that man said, I love you and the Prophet (s) did not say you will be with me. [ Taher 15 Jul 05:19 ]

ittakhidh al-balaa jilbaaban, he said to him open yourself to afflictions because you are in love with me, be sure too many afflictions will come on you . and take the poverty as a robe. ikhshawshanoo fa inna an-ni`am lam tadoom live a harsh manner as the favors of Allah might not last forever. so undertand to live hard life even you have money and houses and cars and evern you have airplane and yacht, all that if you have it and afflictions comes, everything goes and many times we gave example of Onassis. you know Onassis. was the richest person in the world, he has his wife the ex-wife of John Kennedy, after JFK died he married Kennedy's ex-wife. so he had one boy. and he built up all his wealth for that boy. then that boy went in an airplane and died. then Onassis died. so who had that wealth afte that? dont claim anyting it might be taken away. [ Taher 15 Jul 05:22 ]

take poverty as a cloak, then if you face rough time you are trained for that. ittakhkhid al-faqr jilbaaban. when you are poor you are humble, everyone is better than you. try to teach yourself to be humble. when you are humble allah will raise you. but if you want people to raise you that is nothing. presidents, mayors, kings, they take nothing with them unless if they were good. [ Taher 15 Jul 05:23 ]

so someone hurts you and curses you and backbite you and you keep quiet. that is why Sayyidina 'Ali (r) said alzim as-sukoot, listen observe, then move. may Allah swt guide us and move us in the right direction. wa min Allah at-tawfeeq bi hurmati 'l-Fatiha [ Taher 15 Jul 05:24 ]

this is differen from notes of Shaykh Sharafuddin that we were discussing through them I said let us go through different style in the few days left, one lecture left. [ Taher 15 Jul 05

The Power of .‘Laa ilaaha illa-Llah’

Allah (swt) is The All-Wise, Who knows all about us and about what’s going on around us. That’s why scholars have said, “The true, pious servant must have three things,” which stem from ‘Laa ilaaha illa-Llah’, it’s in that Ocean.
1)The first thing is dependency on Allah (swt), tawakkul. When we say, “Laa ilaaha illa-Llah” we are really saying, “O our Lord! You are in full control of what’s going on, I am depending on you.” That istawakkul: you leave the matter to Allah (swt), we depend on and trust in our Lord, which is from the ocean of “Laa ilaaha illa-Llah,” of that submission to Allah’s Lordship and Godship.
2)Second, when we say “Laa ilaaha illa-Llah”, we are taking ourselves away from people and gathering ourselves with Allah (swt), as He said, “I sit with him who remembers Me.” (Hadith Qudsi. Ahmad, Bayhaqi) “I am with the one that mentions Me.” That means when we say, “Laa ilaaha illa-Llah”during tests and trials we are leaving people and are now with our Lord, Allah (swt). So the second thing is fleeing from people, we have to leave people alone.
3)And the third thing when we say, “Laa ilaaha illa-Llah”, from the meanings of that ocean, we are saying that whatever is happening around us is from Allah (swt), which means we don’t have any more hatred in our heart towards anyone, and that means we do the least harm to everyone. We don’t harm anyone anymore because we know that Allah (swt) declared and deemed this action necessary. So we are saying, “Laa ilaaha illa-Llah! You are in control, O our Lord! I am not going to harm anyone around me.” We do the least harm and better yet, we do no harm. By submitting to Allah (swt)’s Decree and acknowledging that He is in control and we depend on Him, we do the least harm or no harm to others and we flee from people to His Presence. That is mafaateehu ’l-jannah, the keys to Paradise, to Allah’s pleasure !
~Shaykh Nour Hisham Kabbani

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

MSH- Ramadan Series- Michigan(adab for Zikr) -07/14/2015

Source - SufiLive Chat Log
jeevay jeevay murshid jeevay, ameen thumma ameen [ Saira 14 Jul 00:09 ]

a'udhu billah mina 'sh-shaytani 'r-rajeem [ Taher 14 Jul 04:43 ]

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem [ Taher 14 Jul 04:43 ]

Nawaytu 'l-arba'een, nawaytu'l-'itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-'uzlah, nawaytu'l-riyaada, nawaytu's-salook nawayna's-siyaam fee hadha'l-masjid [ Taher 14 Jul 04:44 ]

atee'oollah wa atee'oor-rasula wa uli'l-amri minkum [ Taher 14 Jul 04:44 ]

in summary we were explaining about the importance and reward of the halaqa, fadeelat al-halaqa, to sit in a circle that was recomended and in the middel it will be empty because angels will be coming and doing dhikrullah as mentioned in the many hadith. [ Taher 14 Jul 04:44 ]

and the question comes, where do women have to sit and it is recommended that the ladies sit in rows behind the halaqa with space of 6 ft or 9 ft behind the men. and when finished the ladies go first and then the men. [ Taher 14 Jul 04:45 ]

in time of the Prophet (s), he used to order the women to leave before the men and then the men leave. [ Taher 14 Jul 04:45 ]

and we said there are 9 different principles of the halaqa in order to achieve the full reward. [ Taher 14 Jul 04:46 ]

first is that there must be a representative that is approved by awliyaullah, as in the time of Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil when he assigns someone it means the Shuyookh have given permission to run the halaqa and these shuyookh will...all the way to the Divine Presence of Sayyidina Muhammad (s), al-hadara annabawiyya. [ Taher 14 Jul 04:46 ]

second, as the Prophet (s) said, the best of what I said and all prophets before me is the kalimat la ilaha ill 'Llah Muhammad rasoolullah. that is why he said afdala maa qultu ana wa-n-nabiyyeen min qablikum la ilaha ill 'Llah [ Taher 14 Jul 04:47 ]

and we come to third one and that is really scarey as if not we will get thrown out of the halaqa. and lose that what the Prophet (s) mentioned if you pass by the Gardens of Paradise sit in them and tey asked what are these Gardens of Paradise, and the Prophet (s) said, they are the hilaq adh-dhikr, the circles of dhikrullah. [ Taher 14 Jul 04:48 ]

so when you sit in halaqa most iportant is to have the correct intention. to sit and connect your heart with the Divine Presence and to remember Allah swt, is the purpose of the halaqa and al halaqas around the world. you must know that Allah swt is present with you and looking at you when you recite from his Allah's Beautiful Names and Attributes and you dont know what Beautiful Name Allah will dress you and bless you. there are 99 Allah's Beautiful Names and Attributes but awliyaullah say there are infinite number of Names. and you have to be careful what name you are connecting to . yoiu cannot say I am connecting to the Divine Presence, and then when you are doing dhikrullah la ilaha ill 'Llah and then you are losing the medidation creation of heavens and earth. [ Taher 14 Jul 04:50 ]

so what is important is rafa` al-khawaatir, to take awy all the bad gossips and inspirations come to you. dont let, like what happened to Sayyidina Adam (as), when iblees came and tried to throw some gossips in the heart of Sayyidina Adam (as) and he ate from the tree. and it has a spiritual interpretation of grandshaykh that is something else, that Sayyidina Adam (as) did not eat from the tree, did not make the ma`siyya but that the dharraat of human beings smallest particles of human beings were present in the hand of Sayyidina Adam (as) and they made him to move to eat from the tree that Allah forbade him to eat. so rafa` al-khawaatir is very important when entering the dhikr and that is going to be a struggle and prepare to defeat shaytan, because as soon as you enter the halaqa lot of gossips come from shaytan. example of that is when you sit like that in your house no gossips of shaytan, [ Taher 14 Jul 04:52 ]

but as soon as adhan for Fajr or Zhuhr or Asr all kinds of gossips will enter your heart . that is to show us that shaytan is after us when we are praying to Allah swt. the only thing that keeps us safe from shaytan is ablution. so take ablution and keep it during the day. and so when we go to halaqat adh-dhikr you must have at least ablution and preferred is to have a shower. and if you lose wudu during the halaqa leave and go make new wudu. and you must know that if you cannot defeat shaytan when you are in the halaqa then you must leave the dhikr as you are harming the ones beside you on the right and left. [ Taher 14 Jul 04:54 ]

if you cannot fight and prvent these gossips you are harming the one beside you. [ Taher 14 Jul 04:55 ]

fourth as the Prophet (s) said to his Sahaba, if you want not to lose your action, your `amal, praying or fasting or dhikr, then keep your heart safeguarded from harming those who are on the righ and those who are on the left. you are at that moment producing lot of negative energy that will hit the one on the right or the left and the Prophet (s) told the Sahaba better at that time to leave if yoiu dont want to struggle against shaytan's power. if you dont do that you will be khaa'ib as you will not get any benefit or reward from dhikrullah [ Taher 14 Jul 04:56 ]

fifth if someone comes during the dhikr or someone goes do ont look at hi and you have no right to look right or left or to sleep or to joke. any action not connected to the ation of halaqat adh-dhikr yoiu have to throw it awya. even if someone falls down and dies you have no right to go and touch him, until the halaqa is done. because you are disturbing a very sacred activity in relgion, if one dies or 10 dies you dont touch them until the halaqa is finished. and dont look at what people are doing your intention is to make dhikrullah. and remember when you say Allah Allah or la ilaha ill 'Llah Allah says anaa jaleesu man dhakaranee. Allah is sitting with the one who remembers Me. how then can you be away from the presence of Allah then.. when you really connect your heart to Allah you will see visions and that is for advance mureeds they can see visions coming through when making dhikrullah [ Taher 14 Jul 04:59 ]

sixth you have to accept and beleive the representative that has been assigned that the absolute permission has been given to him to recite and what to read. dont judge or argue wiht him, the Shaykh appointed him and we have to knwo the one assigned for halaqat adh-Dhikr that the Shaykh has tested them and it is not our business to check them, but we just follow. [ Taher 14 Jul 05:00 ]

seventh: and you can notice this a lot when we were reciting dhikrullah before Maghrib I was going to stop it when they say salawat on the Prophet (s) in loud voice. they were saying la ilaha ill 'Llah also but if they are not on the same sound and the same voice it is better not to make it jahree, not loudly. when you make it loudly and everyone has different tone of voice it is going to be chaos to the ear and disturb the heart. so you have to make sure your voice when you make dhikrullah blends in with the others doing dhk and not one high and one low, then the halaqa is gone, like someone shouting and shouting there is no more softness in dhikrullah. not only that when the voices dont blend in with each other the angels will run away. there will be no angels so it is waste of time, so if you know youself you cannot blend in then dont raise your voice, keep it down let those who can blend in to blend in. so it is one condition of halaqa to let the voices blend in for loud dhikr. so we have to be very careful. [ Taher 14 Jul 05:03 ]

Eight is to ask istighfaar before we begin and when we finish we also ask forgiveness, the first forgivness you are cleaning yourself by istighfaar you are being washed by istighfaar and being showered by istighfaar you are cleaned before you enter the halaqa. and when you do the dhikrullah and finish then you make istighfaar again for anyting that Shariah and Tariqah cannot accept. so if you have any gossip that Shariah cannot accept and Tariqah cannot asccept you must make istighfaar. and in between the beginning and the end you must fix your sitting and must not move about unless you have doctors medical excuse you must prsent before you enter. [ Taher 14 Jul 05:05 ]

ninth: the representative must know the different levels of istighfaar and if he does not know the levesl he is not up to the standard to lead the dhikr, so if he is appointed by himself or by a so-called Shaykh that does not know ...? so that is why we can tell the wahabis when they say there are no guides in Islam why are they guiding themselves by the 4 imams : Imam Abu Hanifa bin Nu`man, Imam Malik, Imam Shafi`ee and imam Ahmad bin Hanbal. and the salaf were those up to 3 centuries after the Prophet >(s), and those 3 centuries and finsihed. the rest guided by the 4 imams. that is alhamdulillah an answer that we have to have guide also in this time. [ Taher 14 Jul 05:07 ]

likullin ...yuwalliha fastabaqool-khayrat, to everyone is a direction that he follows. so we ... [ Taher 14 Jul 05:07 ]

that representative has to look when giving the advice to the levels of those attending he can see veryone's hearts by pemission of big shaykh of the Golden Chain, that representative must be able to see the hearts of those who are listening and according to their level he guides them to istighfar that they do in day or evening or in halaqat adh-dhikr. and always they have to taraqqub, observe themselves in order to be beneficial to their followers. if you do that kind of halaqa 40 times, successfully, with all the principles and rules, then Allah will make you to be ascetic to drop dunya from your heart. if you do 40 times that kind of halaqa ad-dhikr with all the principles mentioned then Allah will drop the dunya from your heart. [ Taher 14 Jul 05:09 ]

if you do another 40 halaq of dhikrullah with all the principles then Allah will make you to drop akhira. what does that mean? it means He will take you to His Love to the love of the Prophet (s) and good people ma` alladheena an`amta `alayhim min an-nabiyyeen was-siddiqeen wash-shuhadaa was-saaliheen wa hasuna oolaaika rafeeq. that is according to principle as mentioend by Sayida Rabi`a that O Allah I am not worshipping You to attain Pradise or for fear of Hellfire but only because I love you. and that will take you to stateion of qaaba qawsayni aw adnaa following the Prophet (s). [ Taher 14 Jul 05:11 ]

there are angels that come down and do dhikrullah with you who come from Jannat al-Maawaa, the 7th heaven and they will raise you to Jannat al-Firdaws, Allah will make that halaqat adh-Dhikr to be a piece of Jannat al-Maawa or a peice of Jannat al-Firdaws. as in hadith of the Prophet (s) that he said, fi you pass by the gardens of Paradise . [ Taher 14 Jul 05:12 ]

if you were not able to reach that then they give you the benefit of the seven heavens other than Jannat al-Maawaa and Jannat al-Firdaws. if you keep these conditions during the halaq Allah will make you sabab, cause that those who from ummat an-Nabi (s) who will be punished in hellfire, if there are 70,000 of them in your area, written to be punihed because of their sins, if you do in the halaqa 70,000 la ilaha ill 'Llah you will take the 70,000 sinners to Paradise as they are your neighbors. that tajalli coming down will turn their sayyiaat into hasanaat because of you and the halaqat adh-dhikr. so the halaqat adh-dhikr is very important if you follow these 9 principles that you put them in your forehead and keep them. [ Taher 14 Jul 05:14 ]

it is said that who says la ilaha ill 'Llah and his heart is fully connected with dunya not for remembering about akhira but he says la ilaha ill 'Llah he will get a benefit from 700 to 7000 rewards that are oceans that no one knows how big is it, it is a hidden treasure as hadith kuntu kanzun makhfiyya fa aradtu an `uraf fa khalaqtul-khalq. [ Taher 14 Jul 05:16 ]

...if that person makes dhikr la ilaha ill 'Llah and his heart is in fear of Allah Allah will give him hasanaat as much as heavens and earth and if someone will make dhikrullah la ilaha ill 'Llah with full love of Allah the Scale cannot carry it. and whoever recites la ilaha ill 'Llah in 2 and half months, he will be wll get 7000 ?and if he recites la ilaha ill 'Llah 2 months and half second time he will be with Sahaba and ulama al-muttaqeen. [ Taher 14 Jul 05:18 ]

Monday, July 13, 2015

Shaykh Taher- Ramadan Series- Michigan- 07/13/2015

Source- SufiLive Chat Log
this is his station of irshad of carrying his mureeds and uplifting them alhamdulillah. we would rather go and sleep but since Mawlana said [ Saira 13 Jul 04:57 ]

we ask his support. Madad al Haqq. w/o his support nothtin can exist even with one breath in and out nothing exists. as Mawlana said many times life is between two breaths [ Saira 13 Jul 04:57 ]

if no supoort for next breath it is finisehd. so we thank Allah swt for keeping us in dunya up to now bec we have more opoort to ask forgiveness. and in ramadan it is multipled over and we thank Allah swt for granting us life [ Saira 13 Jul 04:58 ]

to reach this month and we ask to reach next ramadan with safety for us and families bec we are in very trying time. when believer as Pr (s0 said the one holding to Islam is like holdin coal o f fire. [ Saira 13 Jul 04:59 ]

we see that everyday bec we get up and see th e world do not suport oru beliefs. the awliya supoort is what carries us. dastoor ya Sayyidi [ Saira 13 Jul 04:59 ]

in one manuscript that is from GS he described and he hasnt opened it yet, Gs describes how with every bite of food the awliya re incharge of everth. that one bite cleans from 80 diff shikr and kufr bec [ Saira 13 Jul 05:00 ]

food today is not brought in clean way. if awliya did not cleansed our hearts would be poisoned. they say food has chemicals, GMO, and so forth and so on that is on physical aspect the food is not food anymore [ Saira 13 Jul 05:00 ]

it is just a product from machine it is not healty anymoer, it has cnacer, diabeties, all of it should come with warning it has this disease. [ Saira 13 Jul 05:01 ]

if you research then you see it has so much poison in ingredients. that is physicaliy of poison but th spiritualy is what we eat we become that. if awliya do not clean every bite it woud make us sick, so we have to thank them. Alhamd awliya are carrying huge burdens, we dont know. they dont say and we would not know. [ Saira 13 Jul 05:02 ]

we know that MSH is carrying the brunt of the burden that what GS left. bec those who tok guidance from MSN is huge numb. and no can can take away taht baya. all of the reps are ? and we accept them. Mawlana Sh appointed them..(missed) As MSN said that Allah is enought for Prophet and Prophet enought for Gs and I am enough for Sh Hisahm. that is enought we dont need to ask any more. [ Saira 13 Jul 05:03 ]

we dont ask if he ate halal or did he pray..no one is aksing us what he did and we have reward of praying the imam. Mawlan ais enough for us. none of our business. anyone who wants to follow anyone else, np. dont make diff between my prophets Allah said. same with the shuyook and mureeds and representts. they are all accepted in Allahs presence [ Saira 13 Jul 05:04 ]

so the burden they carry we dont know. but we know they carry our burdens. every time one hr before fajr he prays for us. he is showing us here with physicality he is going in fron tof Sultan and presenting each of us. at salat najat sajda. he is presenting us from the tiem that the Pophet wwere shown decorated with the light of worship [ Saira 13 Jul 05:05 ]

and Prophet said yes I am accepting ya rabbi. As GS narated and MSN said Allah said this trust I am giving to you I want them back clean and at that moment Allah unveiled to Prht how these are going [ Saira 13 Jul 05:06 ]

to be in dunya and what corruption and sins they are going to do and saw them covered with all this badness and the malaaika were seeing and asking Allah are you going to make these who are going to make bloodshed. Angels were given to see something and Prohet saw the side that side, he said, Ya Rbbee I accepted a job when I ddint know they were covered in darkness. so you gave me a job O Allah give me helpers. At that time GS said Allah said i am giving you these 7007 Naqsh awliya and 124 K general awliya at footsteps of 124K prhtts. their duty everyday is to clean..in salat najat he decorates them fully and not only cleans them..they perfect as Sh Nour ws discussing laterly. our job is to follow [ Saira 13 Jul 05:09 ]

the footsteps of S Muhamma.d that every human b has an assigned job everyday and it is not going to wrok or writin programs or building i tis ubudiya, worshipness spending time in sajda. sayng O My Lord you created me from earth and I am putitng my head down [ Saira 13 Jul 05:09 ]

cutiing my arrogance and pride by puttin my head in lowest part. forgive me supoort. me. so awliya see what followers should be destined and what they are doing and they fulfill that big diffeerence. as MSH was describin that we have to read one juz every day and dalail khayraat. andt they know we are not ful mureeds but we accepted with jazba..and that light is reflected like you put a cnadle outside and moths flying around..so we are not prepared to be doing worship mureeds are supposed to do. alahmd they accepted us in taqleed, standing behind imam and follow. in Abu Hanifa way th eimam does everth nothing on mured. in Imam Shafi the followers have to recite evfreth. so it is diff. [ Saira 13 Jul 05:12 ]

but you have to follow. in shariah not everyone can make ijtihad, outside ijma of ulama and awliya, they know ijtihad, new things coming only big mufti can do that. we do not question, wahabi do that they want to say we know you dont know. as shaytan sayng I know better my Lord i am not puttin g my head, Allah does not know who is beter. Allah just aked him to do sajda not questio. so the way of questiong is the way of challenging. we follow taqleed. so in sajda najat our shaykh present mureeds clean...and as taught in HQ wear your best clothes, means dress yourself with best obedience, in the mosque bec the mosque is house of allah. so we do that with best decoration. so the Shaykh is presenting us one by one in that five min sajda all those MSN assingned to cary with full worship as [ Saira 13 Jul 05:14 ]

if they spent the whole night worshipng not the one we know bec as soon as we say allahu akbar, we are nto with propht or Allah but somewhere else. so in ramadan shaytan is shut down bu t still barking at us. whey do we still follow him . bec he traiend us all 11 months so in ramadan he doenst have to do anyth he trained us. that is why ppl ask how come we have so much diffc in worshipn still. bec of that training, shaytan only barking at us in ramadan ...tha tis our ego. for Prophet his Shaytan became Muslim. might be Allah can grant that to awliya. He says I will be the ears they hear with and [ Saira 13 Jul 05:16 ]

..for sure they can subjugate him. WE kno w as soon as Maw. Sh physicality apporaching shaytn are running. wehy we run to be here. to be at oasis to find protection of shaykh. full of dunya we have burdens, if the wife or husband left with children they come to zawiya and feel their burdens lifted. ..shaytan cannot be in Shaykhs presence, his affect is less in ramadan similiarly in ramadan ..as GS said the mureed of the shaykh is completely protected from shaytan excpet at times for testing..ya RAbbi you are throwing me in hellfire give me a chance to run after them..Allah siad okay. [ Saira 13 Jul 05:19 ]

Allah siad those who cincerely worship me the shaytan have no poer on them. [ Saira 13 Jul 05:19 ]

just like they give you innoculation they put they actual germ or bacteriam or virus, killed virus, to make you a little bit sick and your body immed. generates a defencse system, and it creates anitgens that stay th e rest of your life. so Maw Sh giving permsion to shatyan to go test so they [ Saira 13 Jul 05:20 ]

build resistance and he cant attack anymore. same with body weights you have to keep lifting. so following salat and following sunnah no little sunah in this time it is rewareded very highly. Prpht sai d that one who revives the sunnah gets 100 shaheed rewards. like miswak we dont make a point of doing but if we did it has great rewards, this little stick is really a big stick cleaning us of nifaq and shirk. [ Saira 13 Jul 05:21 ]

we are destryong the foundation that shaytan is wanting to build on. like S Musa had a stick for Firuan, this littl stick gives us ? like at a job we have check list at wrok, but on lawh mahfuz you hav check list everyday [ Saira 13 Jul 05:22 ]

this much qiyam layl we do not do everyday but the wazifa is written when we use this small stick we have inayat to achieve the big tasks. so when MS presnts us in the morning it is written on lawh mafuz, it is written big for us. they are dresing with thier stations. When Prhet wnet on miraj he didnt accep tto go by himself [ Saira 13 Jul 05:23 ]

as it is said by Prophet pray for your brothers, and he asked Allah for the ummah to be with him on Isra and Miraj, alhamd we are granted to see that we are with Mawlana to see that holy hair and that holy sandal that went to heavnes and came back. what kind of grant are we getting mashaAllah to see that. as we said they are carrying us. what is qutb mutasarrif. i dont know what it means exactly "responsible for administration". [ Saira 13 Jul 05:25 ]

look shykh Hisham put so many zawiya, he called Benjamn and in one moth the zawiya is ready subhaanAllah. he is administrating everhing under power of Qutb Mutasarrif. so the burden on shayh is huge. we should say alhamdulillah he opned this zawiya here and he is there with us infinitely suporting us. so that sajda they presnt us clean [ Saira 13 Jul 05:26 ]

as Prphet said before dunya was created, O Allah give me helpers. w are with one of those helpers., big helpers. ..o Allah support. if we do the small things they teach us we are getting big suport.. [ Saira 13 Jul 05:26 ]

Bi hurmatil Fatiha. [ Saira 13 Jul 05:27 ]

Sunday, July 12, 2015

MSH- Ramadan Series- Michigan- 07/12/2015

Source- SufiLive Chat log
a'udhu billah mina 'sh-shaytani 'r-rajeem [ Taher 12 Jul 04:51 ]

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem [ Taher 12 Jul 04:51 ]

Nawaytu 'l-arba'een, nawaytu'l-'itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-'uzlah, nawaytu'l-riyaada, nawaytu's-salook, lillahi ta'ala fee hadha'l-masjid [ Taher 12 Jul 04:51 ]

atee'oollah wa atee'oor-rasula wa uli'l-amri minkum [ Taher 12 Jul 04:51 ]

a new day today and a new manifestation of Allah's Beautiful Names and Attributes. o mumin, Muslims, believers, whatever you are alhamdulillah that Allah swt has united us on His Kalimat at-tawheed where it is the most lovable t Allah that someone say Kalimat at-tawheed, la ilaha ill 'Llah, Muhammad rasoolullah [ Taher 12 Jul 04:52 ]

whatever people will say, non-Muslims, la ilaha ill 'Llah is the greatest word that can be said in Islam. the whole Holy Qur'an indicates to la ilaha ill 'Llah, Muhammad rasoolullah. this whole universe and dunya and akhira, indicate to the Creator, la ilaha ill 'Llah, Muhammad Rasoolullah. [ Taher 12 Jul 04:53 ]

the importance and benefit of the circle (halaq) is the imporant thing in it is not only sitting around but mentioning Allah's Name. by mentioning la ilaha ill 'Llah there is no God but Allah. That is important to haalqa. and why awliyaullah like this. as when you are standing for prayers, "close the gap" because shaytan will come through open gaps. Allah swt let him and also told us what is the weapon against shyatan. so cloes these gaps in order shaytan cannot prenetrate so inhalaqa. Allah will change the earth in which you are in the halaqa, the floor into a rawda min riyaadal-jannah. people might complain and say how is that possible that Allah swt will change a plac ein dunya into a paradise. because the Prophet (s) has mentioned to His SAhaba: idha marartum bi riyaad al-jannah farta`oo. when you pass by the gardens of Paradise then take your rest. and the sahaba were surprised are there gardens of Paradise in earth? the Prophet (s) said, farta`oo, sit and join them. sahahba ere surprised. and asked what are riyaad al-jannah? [ Taher 12 Jul 04:57 ]

and the Prophet (s) replied hilaq adh-dhikr, that the places whree they are doing dhikrulla in circle. these are changed form normal earth to heavenly paradise. sot he importance of hilaq adh-dhikr are that Allah's rahmat wants us to be in Paradise in dunya. that is acheivable by dhikrullah and that is dhikr annabi. when you remember Allah you remember the Prophet (s). He brought you to worship Allah whne your ancestors were `abadatu'l-awthaan. worshippers of statues. so Allah wanted to bles us by binging form worshipping statues to worshipping Allah the Creator of heavenly and earth. [ Taher 12 Jul 04:59 ]

and Allah ordred angels to search for such circles of dhikrullah in dunya. that is why the center is empty because it is empty of human beings but not empty of angels. all teh way up to first heaven, aallah sends the angels and they are doing dhikrullah and that is all written lfor use. when we remember Allah we remember the Prophet (s). and vice versa, always is it not? [ Taher 12 Jul 05:00 ]

so someone remebering Allah then Allah raised name of the Prophet (s) to be with His Name. wa rafa`na laka dhikrak, we raised you remembrace ya Muhammad. and He raised him not just his Name. kaan qaaba qawsayni aw adnaa , he was brought to two bows length or nearer. and each moment he is brought closer, each horizon has another horizon. so he is always ascending in new ascension. He is ascending and he is according to Imam Suyutee alive in his grave, as the Prophet (s) said, who makes salaat on me one time Allah sends back my soul to my boday , that means the Prophet (s) body is intact, ready. and Allah sends his soul back to his body. and every moment there are thousands of people saying salawat. so Allah will not send soul and take it out again, but rather soul is there always with body of the Prophet (s). anddont be surprisedt for Ahl as-Sunnah wa 'l-Jama'ah that is not a grave it is a hayaatan barzakhiya. that is like heavenly paradise for those who did good and lik punishment for those who did wrong. [ Taher 12 Jul 05:03 ]

He raised Sayyidina Muhammad (s) to qaaba qawsayni aw adnaa and called him just as He called Sayyidina Musa (as) to the Holy VAlley of Toowa, then He spoke with him. first he was in holy valley then He called him in. when he was coming in Allah rodered hi to take off his shoes Allah did not order the Prophet (s) to take anything. that is why it is medallion to put the holy n`al ash-shareef on our hearts or on our heads to indicate that every part touched by holy Prophet is holy. as Virgin Mary, the mud that she was there became holy what then you think about the Prophet (s). so when the Prophet (s) was reaching qaaba qawsayni aw adnaa another qaaba qawsayni aw adnaa appeared [ Taher 12 Jul 05:05 ]

like today you look google sky you see these stars and you zoom in you see more stas and never ends these constellations for the Prophet (s) when he reahed qaaba qawsayni aw adnaa Allah opened another space for him. [ Taher 12 Jul 05:05 ]

to reach more knowledge to understand more. that is why he (s) Allah gave me knowledge of before and after. so why such a dhikr area becomes holy? [ Taher 12 Jul 05:06 ]

because Allah made it holy, where Allah said in hadith of the Prophet (s) anaa jaleesu man dhakaranee. I am sitting with the one who remebers Me. that means opens his Allah's Beautiful Names and Attributes. you cannot make dhikr where the ground is not pure. Allah called Sayyidina Musa (as) to the holy valley, al-waadi al-muqaddasah. so when you are in the circle of dhikr as if you are inthe Holy valleny. as he made it holy according... [ Taher 12 Jul 05:08 ]

you be granted to be in hilaq adh-dhikr in paradise, there when you say la ilaha ill 'Llah an ocean of knowledge is opened to you. you say another time la ilaha ill 'Llah it iwill open more and more. say la ilaha ill 'Llah, Muhammad rasoolullah. [ Taher 12 Jul 05:08 ]

that is why imam Shafi`ee said if someone says to me that I am not in a circle of Paradise he is mistaken I am sitting in every moment of my life in a garden of Paradise as I am saying every momemnt la ilaha ill 'Llah in my heart. that moment will be turned into a peice of heaven. so make your life heaven and the conditions are nine in order to do that . If you accomplish the 9 mprinciples of halaqat adh-dhikr it ii said you will be reachign paradise faster than a martyr in dunya. you will be reaching paradise faster in akhira. for sure the martys go to paradise but the dhaakireenallah reach Paradise quicker by 50 years. and Allah gives the Dhakireenallah power to move from one paraise to another and their power to move is 50 years ahad. and this will be for Dhaakireenalalh .. that is what Allah made more than for martyrs even. we have to rememer what the Prophet (s) said, the best that I have said, Myself and the prohpets before me is la ilaha ill 'Llah. say la ilaha ill 'Llah Muhammad rasoolullah. if the Prophet (s) is saying this, that means in every moment in his life he was saying la ilaha ill 'Llah and every cell of his body is saying la ilaha ill 'Llah, every second h is saying la ilaha ill 'Llah Muhammad rasoolullah . if our prophet says it why dont we say it.we are lazy an indication that saytan is disrubing us form saying it. but he canot disturb the Prophet (s). [ Taher 12 Jul 05:13 ]

alladheena yadhkuroonallaha qiyaaman qu`oodan wa `alaa junoobihim they are mentioning Allah standing, sitting and laying down. those Allah says are able to understand heavens and earth. you wnat ot understand creation of heavens and earth. those who remmeber Allah standing, sitting and slaying down, theose people are allowed to sit and think and meditate on creation of heavens and earht. at athat time you reach level wa sakhkhara lakum maa fis-samawaati wa ma fil-ard. everything wil be under your order in life antyhing created on heavens and earth . [ Taher 12 Jul 05:14 ]

that is why awliyaullah are able to guide their followers. that is what I mentioned yest that why we follow shaykh? why we follow 4 madhahib? we dont deny madhahib so we dont deny shaykhs. Allah says, qulillah wa dharhum fee khawdihim yala`boon. say Allah aand leave them dont borther with them . so say Allah following the footsteps of the Prophet (s). then leave the salafis and wahais away. [ Taher 12 Jul 05:16 ]

regarding guides, everyone follows a guide, they are following a madhhab and we are following a shaykh. dont try to teach us Islam. [ Taher 12 Jul 05:16 ]

so the first condition of the dhikrullah is there must be an amir, one representing one of the four imams. that is with lineage of ulama to reach to one of the four madhaahib, to imam Malik, IMam Shafi`ee, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal or Imam Abu Hanifa. [ Taher 12 Jul 05:17 ]

so awliyaullah who are at same time imams of shariah and imams of haqiqat and tariqah. they ask where is tariqah mentioned in Holy Qur'an? Allah said, if they were to stand steadfast on the way, then allah would shower them with mercy. not as they translate as rain. so there must be head or amir who has connection to Shariah and to Haqiqat. they must be dhu janahayn. if you take shariah you reach certain level and if you take tariqah you might reach something. but if you have both you fly. so Shaykh Khalid al-Baghdadi was called dhu janahayn, of the two wings. he brought the order from India to Middle East. and the head of the dhikr must have the permission from his shaykh ijazah. [ Taher 12 Jul 05:20 ]

that shaykh is shaykh of shariah and of tariqah. the shaykh of tariqah will not accept baya to a student who did not study shariah and haqiqah. today they give baya in order to save the people. but that baya today is not as in the past, it has its power but not like in past. in previous time when they took baya Allah opened to their hearts six powers from within the heart: haqiqat al-fayd, haqiqat al-tawajjuh, haqiqat at-tay, haqiqat al-irshaad. you can see these all in NaqshbandI Sufi way book. [ Taher 12 Jul 05:22 ]

2) you must know you are sitting in the circle in order to improve our characters. we must understand we are sitting by order of the Prophet (s), directly for there is the verse : wa maa ataakum ar-rasoola fa khudhoohu. whatever the Prophet (s) gives you take it. so awliyaullah took that seriously, as the Prophet (s) mentioned it when you pass by gardens of Paradise sit in them and they are the circles of dhikr. [ Taher 12 Jul 05:23 ]

in dunya there is only one rawda of Paradise and everyone pushing each other to be in that area. but there are rawdas in dunya as the Prophet (s) mentioned his own rawda , maa bayn qabree wa minbaree rawdatan min riyaad al-jannah. so the Prophet (s) said when we sit in circles of dhikr that is entering heaven. that is on earth that Allah gave it to us by changing it rom normal ground to blessed groudn because of that hadith of the Prophet (s). so ou have to be careful when you sit there, your focus going to be o the amir, that is ti, dont look right or left. know that angels are with you you must keep utmost respect, not coming and going and whispering in ears of somenone or extending your feet, you must sit with very high discipline. [ Taher 12 Jul 05:25 ]

one time grandshaykh said, I was his scribe, writer, I had like 1000 notebooks of grandshaykh in Lebanon. so I was writing and he was giving his suhbat looking at me with out noticing I am writing quickly I began to scratch my head, and he looked at me and said, "Hisham! out!" scratching your head, rawhaaniyyat an-Nabi (s) was present. the spirituality of the Prophet (s) was present so when you scratched you brought the level of the lecture advice down 7 times. so because of that as the Prophet (s) was looking at us, as the Prophet (s) looks at the ummah acording to the hadith, the Prophet (s) is haadir and naazhir present and watching. because of that scratching that distracted you from writing and distracted you from keeping the highest level of discipline . where is that today. for that scratching the Prophet (s) stopped looking at that chircle [ Taher 12 Jul 05:28 ]

as permission of Allah to the Prophet (s):tu`radu `alayya `amal ummatee... so for a scratch the Prophet (s) dropped watching that circle. imagine more than scratch for exampel someone snoring and then wakes up and keeps sitting. that makes lvel go down. so that is why baya in time of grandshaykh did not give, never. one time I came to him I was young and I said baya and he said to me make salaat `ala an-Nabi (s). [ Taher 12 Jul 05:29 ]

now Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil seeing the state of the dunya how it is donw, then he was giving baya to everyone in order to be safety to the mureed in order they know whom the are connected to. in prevous times they reach 1000-2000. now it is in millions so how to reach them? through baya. the Shaykh passes what he wants to pass his mureeds through baya. that way shaytan cannot come. may Allah forgive us and bless us, wa min Allah at-tawfeeq bi hurmati 'l-Fatiha [ Taher 12 Jul 05:3

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Shaykh Nour Kabbani- after Zuhur Subah- Michigan- 07/11/2015

Source - sufiLive Chat Log
Shaykh Nour Kabbani: [ Taher 11 Jul 14:37 ]

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem [ Taher 11 Jul 14:37 ]

Alhamdulillahi Rabbi 'l-'Alameen, wa ’s-salaatu wa ’s-salaamu 'alaa ashrafi 'l-mursaleena Sayyidina wa Nabiyyina Muhammadin wa 'alaa aalihi wa sahbihi ajma'een [ Taher 11 Jul 14:37 ]

dastoor ya sayyidee ya Sultan al-Awliya, ya Qutb al-Mutassarif [ Taher 11 Jul 14:37 ]

alhamdulillah all praise be to Allah swt. He has favored us. as our teachers say we were born and we are from Ummat an-Nabi (s). Sayyidina Muhammad (s) is al-Muqaddam, his name is al-Muqaddam the one that is put forward, the one that is made to come forward from all creation. He is the one in the Divine Presence. he is the one who is al-Mukhaatab, he is the one who Allah revealed the Holy Qur'an to, and he is the one being addressed. and according to our teachers when Allah created the light of Sayyidina Muhammad (s) He said, "who am I and who are you?" and Sayyidina Muhammad (s) said, "You are al-Qahhar the Subduer the Almighty, and I am your incapable servant." [ Taher 11 Jul 14:39 ]

the more someone is advancing towards the Divine Presence the more the find they are incapable and the more they find that Allah is al-Mannaan, the One Who grants favors and the One whom by His favors we advance. it is not by our own poer and not by our own knowledge. that is all for our ego to find pleasure in it and that is to find pleasure in praying and to find pleasure in knowing knowledge. sometimes when we understand we find sweetness in our hearts we feel good and it is not because we know something we advance towards the Divine Presence, and not because of .. we adanvce but no it is all from Allah's favor. [ Taher 11 Jul 14:40 ]

Allah created the Light of Sayyidina Muhammad (s) and from it created all creation. since he is al-Muqaddam the one taken forward to the Divine Presence, Allah is addressing an-Nabi (s) as teachings to the whole creation. so when Holy Qur'anstarted to come through Sayyidina Gibril, and our teachers tell us that when Allah gave the Holy Qur'an and looked at Gibril and chose Gibril to carry these realities until time to deliever them to rest of creation. that is why Gibreel was the one bringing the message to all the messengers. [ Taher 11 Jul 14:42 ]

... so Allah said Ya Nabi (s), I am honoring your choice and making Gibreel the one you have chosen to be the trustworthy one and he is going to be the one to deliver the message to creation. wa ma huwa bi qawlish-shaytan ir-rajeem ... dhi quwaatin `inda al-`arsh il-makeen. muta`in thamma ameen. Gibril has power in the Divine Presence and ... ar-rahman `allam al-quraan, Allah gave the realities of Holy Qur'an and then He created human beings. humans are messengers. prophets are created human , Noah, Jacob. first Holy Qur'an was given to Sayyidina Muhammad (s) and Sayyidina Muhammad (s) chose Gibreel to carry the trusts until time to give the message to humanity first to the prophets and then Sayyidina Muhammad (s) for last Ummah [ Taher 11 Jul 14:44 ]

so since he is the one brought forward he is the one taught and he is the one who is going to teach. he was taught in perfect manner and thne his turn to teach in perfect manner. his audeince were the Sahaba and the Holy Family of the Prophet (s). so when Holy Qur'an was coming it was coming to address state of the SAhab and state of the Holy FAmily and state of the believers coming into Islam and into iman. there was an order chrnoological to which the suras came . first came Iqra, surat al-`Alaq was first chapter that came to an-Nabi (s). in that chapter Allah is telling us there is somehting inside us that nay verily there is something inside the human beings that will push them to go beynod the bbounds, to violate Allah swt and to think of themselves as lord. [ Taher 11 Jul 14:46 ]

when the human beings sees himself thinks he is powerful says I am not in need of Allah's guidance and I am not in need of any teacher, I see myself knowledgeable and powerful, I can see and I can do and I can walk and do. so they dont seek heavenly guidance anymore. our state as humans we state that we are not in need of heavenly guidance we can do what we want on earth and they are inventing their own laws and say we dont need heavenly laws. so Allah is revealing this to the Prophet (s) and saying this is state of humans. verily mankind will transgress its bounds when they see themselves, and they dont know they are going bakc to Allah swt. and at end of surah, as we made sajda when we recite, O Nabi (s) dont obey who is inside of you but make sajda and draw neear. [ Taher 11 Jul 14:48 ]

so this is situation of human beings and this is audience of Sayyidina Muhammad (s) and he taught them to know about the thing inside them that does not obey and not to obey that. [ Taher 11 Jul 14:48 ]

then Surat al-Qalam was revealed second in order, Allah is talking about Nun wal-qalami wa maa yasturoon. Noon some scholar say it represents the ego. and what is writen . each nafs has destiny writen for them. for human beings they have to follow teh destiny that Allah has written for us. and we cannot question it and it is ghayb. ma anta bi ni`amata rabbika bi majnoon. you are not by favor of Allah a crazy man. [ Taher 11 Jul 14:50 ]

our teachers say that the favor of Allah to the Prophet (s) was to tell him the realities of creation, and when Allah created them Sayyidina Muhammad (s) knew them one by one, good ones and wicked ones, believers and unbeleivers. and he was taught the destiny of all of them. and you are not the crazy one, you are the most knowledge of all of them because you know their destiny. wa innaka la`alaa khuluqin `azheem you have the highest most magnificent manners. manners of Holy Qur'an. sayyida `Ayesha said his manners were the Holy Qur'an. [ Taher 11 Jul 14:51 ]

so when Allah says this and his manners were Holy Qur'an means that what Allah has given to the Prophet (s) and brought it out. manners are how we behave. so if Holy Qur'an is his manners that means it came from his heart and it was his garment and his being and h is outer wear. [ Taher 11 Jul 14:52 ]

so the Prophet (s) came to teach us how to dress the holy book. in the 3rd chapter revealed surat al-Muzzamil, Allah says O ye who are dressed in your shrouds. what are we dressed in as human beings ? we are dressed with characteristics of our ego. we burn, kill , lie and cheat, all these characteristics of the ego so when Allah revealed Holy Qur'an, He addressed human beings you are covered with darkness of the ego. qum stand up and wake up and start your journey in the darkness. qumil-layl, wake up in the night. start your journey in the darkness of the veils of your ego. so the companions were listening to this and it is the way, know that .. Nabi (s) was dressed with Holy Qur'an and he came to dress us with Holy Qur'an.so he said O you who are covered with lower self and desires, qum, wake up from slumber. as Sayyidina 'Ali (r) said, we are all asleep, whenwe die we see oh what happened we should have done this and done that. [ Taher 11 Jul 14:55 ]

so ya Habeeb tell them they should wake up and begin their journey in the darkness, illa qaleela, except a little bit, as your ego canot be in worship nonstop 24 hours. so our teachers say 24 hours divided into 8 8 8 for worship, work and sleep. allow your body to eat and drink you cannot push it 24 hours. Allah saying I know they cannot be in worshop 248 hours, but let them enjoy part of time by eating drinking and working. [ Taher 11 Jul 14:56 ]

but how much do we give to that. wake up the night, means walk in this journey, half of it. that means half the night, spend half the amount alloted to ego and body, half spend in worshiop. and our teachers say if night is half of 12 hours, that is six hours, then half of it inworship and Allah continues, less than half. so less than half become not one fourth but one sixth, one sixth for eating and drinking, one sixth for working and sixteen hours for the strong ones doing worshiop. or zid `alayh. [ Taher 11 Jul 14:58 ]

or do the opposite. some, a few will do sixteen hours of worship and the rest work, sleep , eat. others will do 8, 8, 8. an others will do 6,6,6,,6. so take away bad characteristics of the ego aw zid `alayhi wa rattil al-quraana tarteela. you need to recite Holy Qur'an slowly and properly and when we understand Holy Qur'an then we apply on ourseles. He said Be Truthful and we stop lying. He said, be good to your parents. [ Taher 11 Jul 14:59 ]

so we take on orders of Holy Qur'an and we leave the bad characteristics by reciting Holy Qur'an. move and walk by night in the darkness by acquiring the Holy Qur'an. inna sa nulqi `alayka qawlan thaqeela, we are going to send down on you heavy words, heavy sayings. words that are heavy in the BAlance. that has value and has weight. not something simple. as people say today o it is holy book but we will do what we want to do. [ Taher 11 Jul 15:00 ]

when we start in darkness with worship and Holy Qur'an then it iwill be much more stronger for us. then we need to follow Sayyidina Muhammad (s) and hhis companions and his holy family. do what they used to do. what did they do? Sayyidina al-Haritha, alansari. he was walking one day and Nabi (s) met him and Sayyidina Haritha said, asbahta billahi muminan haqqan. I became today a real true believer, haqqan. and Nabi (s) said, how ? because for every hqq there is a haqiqat. for every reality there is a truth. [ Taher 11 Jul 15:02 ]

he said, ashartu laylee wa naharee. I have made my night staying up late and made my day to become very thirsty. and as if I am shown the Throne of My Lord. by making his night awake. I have made my lower self wake up in this darkness in riyada in dsicline of Holy Qur'an and worshipping Allah and made my day very thirsty. and the darkness is the ego so he made it light by worship and worship, and nahaar day is the heart. so he made the heart very thirsty, means he cut of the love to my heart except love of Allah swt. so I made my ego in discipline of worship and by doing these two as if I am seeing the Throne of my Lord and I am seeing the people of Paradise visiting each other and I am seeing the people of Hellfire. he was starting to see the people of Paradise loveing and visiting each other and smiling and eathing. and I am seeing the people of the fire barking at each other [ Taher 11 Jul 15:05 ]

fighting with each other and qurarreling with each other so when we stand up in the middle of the night as the Prophet (s) is teaching us in the revelations and when we fast from hubb ad-dunya and when we wake up the night, that is the ego in worship, then we become true beleivers and we will see the manifestations that are coming down on the Throne, as Sayyidina Muhammad (s) saw when he was in Ascension he saw the manifestations of Allah's Allah's Beautiful Names and Attributes on the Throne. and so Sayyidina Harithat was taken by Sayyidina Muhammad (s) to taht station that is haqq al-yaqeen. adancing by worship and fasting from what is other than Allah. and what did the Prophet (s) say to him? alzam faqad asabta. continue and stay on that track. Sayyidina al-Haritha it is wll know he became a shaheed. [ Taher 11 Jul 15:07 ]

and his mother came crying and said, Ya Nabi (s) tell me where is my son that my heart wil be happy. and he said he is in the ghuraf that are above the heavens, and so she left the presence of the Prophet (s) very happy. when we are reciting the Holy Qur'an in the order it was revealed and we begin treading the footsteps of the SAhaba. in-sha-Allah we dontinue that road, the road of siddiq and Sayyidina 'Ali (r) and the road of the rest of the companions. may Allah be well please with them. [ Taher 11 Jul 15:08 ]

when Nabi (s) 's light was created then it is said by our teachers, and Allah said all these human beings are seeking my Pleasure and O Muhammad I am seeking Your pleasure. [ Taher 11 Jul 15:09 ]

the evidence from Holy Qur'an as Mawlana Shaykh described and all from the teachings of my dad, wa la sawfa yu`teeka rabbuka fa tardaa, I am going to give yo and give you until you are pleased ya Muhammad. so all of us are seeking Allah's pleasure and Allah is seeking the pleasure of Sayyidina Muhammad (s). may he (s) be bleased with us and may Allah be pleased with us. on the way of our masters and the way of our ... seeking pleasure of Allah swt. istaghfirullah, istaghfirullah, wa min Allah at-tawfeeq bi hurmati 'l-Fatiha. [ Taher 11 Jul 15:10 ]

Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani : dua. [ Taher 11 Jul 15:10 ]

in-sha-Allah we meet at the masjid. if you come early I come early. around 6 [ Taher 11 Jul 15:11 ]

MSH- Ramadan Series- Michigan- 07/11/2015

Source - SufiLive Chat Log
 Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem [ Taher 11 Jul 04:47 ]

salam 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh [ Taher 11 Jul 04:48 ]

innama'l-`amalu bin-niyyaat fa lidhalika Nawaytu 'l-arba'een, nawaytu'l-'itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-'uzlah, nawaytu'l-riyaada, nawaytu's-salook, lillahi ta'ala fee hadha'l-masjid [ Taher 11 Jul 04:48 ]

atee'oollah wa atee'oor-rasula wa uli'l-amri minkum [ Taher 11 Jul 04:48 ]

dear viewers, all those who are present here, may Allah swt bless you and your families and accept from all of us the fasting of ramadan. no one can explain or express what Allah swt will reward those who fasted Ramadan. [ Taher 11 Jul 04:49 ]

as-siyaamu lee wa anaa ajzi bihi. fasting is for Me, Allah is saying to the Prophet (s), and I will reward for it. [ Taher 11 Jul 04:49 ]

what is the meaning of the fast is for Me. it means that for any human beings or any creature, you think these creatures are not fasting. every creature is fasting ramadan, and all their fasting because they are doing it by Allah's order, as He said in Holy Qur'an: wa in min shayyin illa yusabihoo bi hamdihi wa laakin la yafqahoona tasbeehahum, everything is making tasbeeh but we cannot understand their tasbeeh and similarly they are fasting but we dont understand their fasting. and angels are descending on those who are fasting and they dont go back up, until that person leaves dunya then Allah orders them to go where Allah wants them to be. [ Taher 11 Jul 04:51 ]

this subha was given 1st Shawwal 1326 110 years ago from Great grandshaykh to Grandshaykh 'Abdullah al-Fa'iz ad-Daghestani (q) [ Taher 11 Jul 04:51 ]

and the title of it is fadeelat al-halaqa, teh importance or reward of the circle. the circle has a beginning and an end. when it begins it makes a cycle in our life and it goes all around your life in dunya until it reaches back to point zero from where it began, it means your life is finished in the meaning of the circle. that is why the Prophet (s) said, as said by Great grandshaykh may Allah bless his soul, and by Grandshaykh 'Abdullah al-Fa'iz ad-Daghestani (q) and Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil may Allah bless all their souls the the Prophet (s) after Fath Mecca, opening Mecca for htem and they performed Hajj and in Madinatul-munawwarah after the hijra, he ordered them after making dhikr with them ordered them to be in a circle and they were 45 Sahabi at that time the Prophet (s) mentioned to them to sit in a circle [ Taher 11 Jul 04:53 ]

in a circle to remember Allah swt. and as he said, that the Prophet (s) has revealed to them all the ayaat , the verse of Holy Qur'an that have been mentioning dhikrullah [ Taher 11 Jul 04:54 ]

wa qala lahum annabi tahalaqoo wa j`aloo daairat an-Nabi (s). they sat in halaq and at top of the halaq was the Prophet (s) and they were in circle until they come ot end. and the one on his right was Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (r) and then rest of the Sahaba and khulafa ar-raashidoon untilt hey reached other side of the Prophet (s) with no gap between them. sometimes we have to realize that not everything is an order to do but we speak about what they have done. [ Taher 11 Jul 04:55 ]

and people can do what they can, it is not an order. they might get sick. so last time we mentioned about Khatm al-KHawajagan we mentioned you get clean clothes and you take shower with cold water and if there is no cold water you use warm water. in those days and places the water was warm not cold but cold water is to refresh the body and wake up. the body will reject teh cold water but they are not rejecting but angels are pulling out every sin you do and making you clean. there is wisdom in everything you do, with hot water you dont feel that. because you used the rukhsa, not higher level of determination but he lower level. `azheem is higher level of doing something in tariqah. like praying Salat at-Tasaabeeh not everyone will pray Salaat at-Tasaabeeh. so shower with cold water is the `Azheema. [ Taher 11 Jul 04:57 ]

some people took shower with cold water yesterday we dont want people to be sick. those who took shower got frist prize and those watching us and they took cold shower the body was coming out back, rejecting the cold water but not rejecting it but taking all the sin you have perfoemed up to that day. that is why the Prophet (s) said, who take a shower and goes to Jumu`ah will come back as if born newly. no sins on him. so grandshaykh used to recommend to take shower not in excessive way. they used to take shower with one pitcher. now they use half a tank. that is not allowed in Shariah and not in Tariqah. today they make wudu with tap open and they make wudu. before in prev time they pour little water and rub on the hand. today they open the tap maximum and you do wudu [ Taher 11 Jul 05:00 ]

so those who took shower yest and I told them not to do it again in order not to get sick, those who did it got the prize they uzed cold water and they can now use warm water but it will be written for them as if they used cold water. they get that because of the high respect they showed to the words of Shaykh Sharafuddin. so these bad sins canot go except by taking showers. [ Taher 11 Jul 05:01 ]

so that is one of the 9 adab we explained before. now we go to adab of circles. why the Prophet (s) ordered Sahaba to sit in circle and not in rows. today people sit in rows but if sit in circle it will be better. I saw Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil and grandshaykh that they always sit in circle and close the gap, many times. what is the importance of the circle/ [ Taher 11 Jul 05:02 ]

he said that the adab for sitting for dhikrullah is to sti in a circle and who is sitting in the circle and begin dhikr and if there are two groups, one sitting in a circle and a group sitting in a masjid. the group sitting in a circle or in house or outside in a field or in the home, but the one sitting in the circle and the ones who are not sitting in a circle but in a masjid? which is going to be rewarded more? the ones who are in the masjid not sitting in circle or the ones sitting outside not in the masjid but in a circle? [ Taher 11 Jul 05:03 ]

those who are sitting in the circle will be rewarded more. when you sitin in circle there is space inside that is empty. even a spmall space, if you sit in circle iand outside larger circle, in the middle of teh circle is empty. so Grandshaykh Sharafuddin in that vision from the Prophet (s) said when they sit in circle the empty part of circle has filled with angels and the center of the circle the anwaar an-Nabi (s) will be coming out, and it will be reflected from the cnter to the radius to the circumference of teh circle. Allah will open from the Noor of the Prophet (s) and it will reach from the center to the circumference. is that correct math people? [ Taher 11 Jul 05:05 ]

they dont say "yes". so that light as soon as it reachs you and it will reacheveryone on the circle and with that light as if you have performed all 500 maamooraat, the 500 orders of shariah will be reflected on the people who are sitting on the circumference. that is why the middel of the circle is always left for the angels and as I said before when they come down they dont go up. the one who are sitting in the circle [ Taher 11 Jul 05:06 ]

are seven times higher than those who dont sit in a circle in their awrad. [ Taher 11 Jul 05:07 ]

imam Shafi`ee said, according the story of Sayyidina Shaykh Sharafuddin in his notebook, was sitting in a dhikr area and said that if someone does not believe I am in heaven then he is mistaken. I am now sitting in heaven and those who are sitting in heaven with me will receive heavenly rewards that Allah will send heavenly rewards that Allah will send angels to encircle them up the first heaven and they do tasbeeh on the behalf of those sitting in teh circle. and Imam Shafi`ee said if someone gives oath that he is sitting in a circle we have to believe that he is sitting in Paradise. why? [ Taher 11 Jul 05:08 ]

because as the Prophet (s) said in hadith and we dont say something that is not based in Shariah, the Prophet (s) said idha marartumbi riyaadul-jannah farta`oo. wa maa hiya hilaq adh-dhikr? hilaq adh-dhikr. when you pass by lands of Paradises sit there. and they asked what are the lands of Paradise? and the Prophet (s) said, the circles of dhikr. and it is mentioned circle in the hadith [ Taher 11 Jul 05:10 ]

and now you can make smaller circles and innamal-`amaalu bin-niyyat, if you cannot then do it in rows and Allah will change the area of the circle to be part from not the earth but to be part of Paradise. why also because Allah in Holy Hadith which Allah said to the Prophet (s) and the Prophet (s) mentioned to us, anaa jaleesu man dhakaranee, Allah will sit with the ones who remember Him. meaning that Allah will descend Allah's Beautiful Names and Attributes on those who sit making dhikrullah. we dont say literally but Allah will send his tajalli to those people. [ Taher 11 Jul 05:11 ]

allahuma salli `ala Sayyidina Muhammad (s) wa `alaa aali Sayyidina Muhammad (s) . if there is munafiq or heedless or faasiq sitting in the circle. idhaa hadath kadhdhab wa idhaa'tuminaa khaan, who when he speaks he lies and when he is entrusted he betrays that trust, and he sits in circle only to make trouble but that person will not be unsuccesful in his sitting, they will get that same forgiveness and benefit. [ Taher 11 Jul 05:12 ]

laa yashqaa jaleesahum there is one person the angels say, after the hadith of benefit of the circles of dhikr, then Allah says that person will not lose out he might be guided at end of his life. and angels will be sitting in the circle and whenever they recite dhikrullah on behalf of those sitting will always be different, not one time the same. and all that will be written the same for those who are making dhikurllha. [ Taher 11 Jul 05:14 ]

and I see the people doing circles of learning in the masajid but we dont see them doing dhikrullah. idhkuroonee adhkurkum washkuroo lee wa laa takfuroon. look you mention Allah and He mentiones you that mentioning of you by Allah is enough even one time in you life to be saved. in a soft way Allah is saying I remeber you in nice way. remmeber me please Allah teacing us adab. the prize is ready. remember Me. we dont remember except ourselves and our ego. [ Taher 11 Jul 05:15 ]

and why He mentioned washkuroo lee after dhikr. because Allah will give you high level of Paradise when you remember Him and then you mst thank Him. thank you Allah you inspired us to remember You. [ Taher 11 Jul 05:16 ]

so when those who are sitting in circle of dhikrullah to Allah and to His Prophet Allah looks at them all equal as mentioned in the hadith of the Prophet (s) that the people are equal like the teeth o the comb are equal. so when you sit in cicle the highest one and the lowest one in the circle share the same rewards there is no one higher and no one lwer for all those sitting in that circle as you are leaving a space for the angesl to come and sit and do dhikr with you. so the adab has 9 condition of sitting in halaqa. [ Taher 11 Jul 05:17 ]

1) is there must be a leader in the halaqa that everyone accepts. [ Taher 11 Jul 05:18 ]

that leader of the halaqa, al-idhn al-mutlaq absolute permission is given to him, no one else in halaq may say yes or no, by agreement of the people in halaqa they assign the raaees the head of them and mashaykh will give him permission to lead the halaqa. if he is not maadhoon from the Shuyookh he is leading it in vain. the halaqa has a chain it is maade of links and they are connected and then another, another another all the way to the Prophet (s). so as soon as you sit and the chain is coming over the head of the top one who is leading the halaqa, as soon as they begin dhikrullah that halaqa will begin to move and awliyaullah can hear that halaqa. if that is interuppted in any way it has to go through 40 shaykhs, if it is being performed with their permission then they have to fix any problem with it. and not anyone can sit and do dhikrullah. but today since people are far and long distances, innama` al-`amaalu bin-niyyaat. everything is by intention so there are too many representatives now to lead dihkr but that depends on the close ness of the permitted one to the Shaykh. so the first condition is to have leader with permission do dhikrullah [ Taher 11 Jul 05:21 ]

2) purpose of sitting for dhikrullah is to worship Allah at the Maqam al-`abdiyya, showing servanthood to Allah by remembering Him. and the Prophet (s) said, afdal ma qulta ana wa man qablikum la ilaha ill 'Llah the best of what I said and the prophets before me is la ilaha ill 'Llah, kalimat at-tawheed that is what it begins with and then the rest. so you sit in dhikrullah and best to begin with is to make dhikrullah by la ilaha ill 'Llah, as the Prophet (s) said, the bst of what I said from the whole message of Islam the summary of that islamic message is la ilaha ill 'Llah. maqam at-tawheed. man qaala la ilaha ill 'Llah dakhal al-jannah. whoever said la ilaha ill 'Llah will enter Paradise, without any restirction and the Prophet (s) did not mention any restriction and Allah did not make any restriction in the Holy Qur'an. Allah loves that word la ilaha ill 'Llah. we will continue the rest of them from number 3 to number 9 next time. may Allah keep us together in dunya and akhira. I am bringing these up as they bring up purpose of tariqah that complies with shariah and bring up the different aspects of tariqa that we do but don know why we are doing it. and that is to bring up the different requirements of tariqah as we mentioned adab ash-shariah before now we mention the protocols of the tariqha and too many benefits of the circle but main one is that the circle has empty place where the angels sit and join in the dhikr. [ Taher 11 Jul 05:25 ]

if you want to know more about dhikrullah I recommend you go to the book Fiqh of Islam avail in Masjid or view on Sufilive. then you know the importance of dhikrullah as explained not just by me but as explained by ibn Qayyim the student of ibn Taymiyya and I picked from them to tell the Wahabis the importance of doing dhikrullah as they dont do it in public. wa min Allah at-tawfeeq bi hurmati 'l-Fatiha. [ Taher 11 Jul 05:26 ]

remember this is 110 years ago, that Grandshaykh Sharafuddin mentioned that story and it was the night before Eid. the purpose and merits and benefits of halaqa of dhikrullah. may Allah forgive us , wa min Allah at-tawfeeq bi hurmati 'l-Fatiha [ Taher 11 Jul 05:27 ]