A Poem of Love


A Poem of Love
by Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

His birth is the birth of Islam
His birth in this world is the birth of Islam
But his light was the first to be created
And from this light is the birth of all creation
He was and he is still, the Prophet of all prophets
The beacon of the universe and Paradises
The ocean of beauty and majesty
The sky of happiness and love
He is the perfect servant of Allah {swt}
He is The Servant
He is The Jewel, he is The Gem
He is The Mirror of the reflections of the Divine
That brings the light of heavens on this dark earth
He is the one who is with everyone
As Allah said, w`alamoo anna feekum rasoolullah
Know that the Prophet is within you
He is the one that will intercede for humanity
He is the one that can stand in front of Allah {swt} by Allah's permission
He is the Means for all creation
He is the Intercessor for all creations
He is the Light, the one Allah dresses with Light upon Light
He is the Illumination that illuminates the universe
His secrets are in heavens, His secrets are in the Presence
His Secrets are in the Divine
His Secrets are like an abundant river
His Secrets dominate the creation because he is Muhammad Rasoolullah (s)
He is the one that has been brought to the Nearness
The Nearness that no nearness can reach
The Nearness where it was revealed to him what he was asking for
The Nearness Gibril was unable to reach
The Nearness of all nearnesses and that no one can understand
His level, no one can understand
His level, no one can reach
His level, neither angel, nor human nor jinn can understand
He is what he is, only His Lord knows who he is
And as for us we say: he is the jewel of jewels
Light of lights, Secret of secrets
Heaven of heavens, the door to the Divine
The way to every seeker, the struggle of every gnostic
He is the one Allah created as Mercy for His humanity
He is the Mercy and the mercy is He
He is the Gifted-Mercy, he is the Undescribed Mercy
He is the joy and, oh rejoice O human beings in that mercy of his
Allah {swt} gave him what He did not give anyone else
Dressed him with what he did not dress anyone else
Loved him with what He did not love anyone else
He was and still is and forever will be
For every human being and for every angel that exists:
The Honored One
For him humanity was honored when Allah said:
Wa laqad karamnaa bani Adaam
Allah honored human beings for the honor of the leader
And the light and the prophet of humanity and creation
May Allah dress us with the endless dresses He dressed his Prophet
And keep us with him dunya and akhira
And make him intercede for every sin we have done
And for every lie we have lied and for every imperfection we have made
And for every mischief we have produced, for what we know and don't know
As You, O Allah, said: Laa taqnatoo bi'rahmatillha
Dont lose hope of Muhammad (s}!
O Allah make us at his threshold, at his feet, under his feet
Sincere slaves to you and sincere believers in your Prophet
We congratulate the Muslim world for the birth of the Prophet (s)
For his birth is the birth of beauty and the birth of paradises
And the light of whatever Allah created from the light of Muhammad Rasoolullah
On this night may Allah dress us with the dress of Rabbi`al-Awwal

Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

Source- As Sunnah.org

Monday, July 6, 2015

MSH- Ramadan Series- Michigan-07/06/2015

Source- SufiLive Chat Log
Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem [ Taher 06 Jul 04:44 ]

salam 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh [ Taher 06 Jul 04:44 ]

Alhamdulillahi Rabbi 'l-'Alameen, wa ’s-salaatu wa ’s-salaamu 'alaa ashrafi 'l-mursaleena Sayyidina wa Nabiyyina Muhammadin wa 'alaa aalihi wa sahbihi ajma'een [ Taher 06 Jul 04:45 ]

alhamdulillah alladhee hadaanallah swt ila habeebahi al-mustafa wa nawarana bi noorihi al-azali wal-abadi. ya `ibadullah ittaqoollaha feemaa amara . brothers and sisters may Allah bless you in dunya and utmost pleasure in akhira. we were discussing the adab of ahkaam ash-shariah and there is adab also of ma`rifah. there is adab for fiqh and adab for knowledge of taste. as ibn `Ajeeba said, there are two kinds of knowledge : knowledge of books and knowledge of taste so there must be adab for both of them. and we continue on that the awliyaullah expect their follwoers to be completely clean on both of them and we spoke on that yest that if somone missed their awrad they can make istighfar 100x asking forigveness that you did not do your awrad and Allah swt will forgive His servants because the awrad at-tariqh is nafl not waajib. [ Taher 06 Jul 04:47 ]

those who are lucky as mentioned in Holy Qur'an they found the tariqah, wa law annahum astaqaamoo `ala at-tariqati la asqaynaahum maa'an ghadaqa, if they were to be firm on the tariqah we would have showered them with rain, and in the other meaning to shower them with mercy and blessings. so that we left yest. [ Taher 06 Jul 04:48 ]

today awliyaullah expecting from their followers to eat from everything halal and to ... and that menaing is they eat from teir sweat they feed their fmmilies from what is halal. they also have to work out to feed their families and themselves with endless blessings by not touching anything that ma la ya`nee, anything that is waste of time and bad rumors and spreading bad rumors and lose discipline with Allah by backbiting. so awliyaullah one of conditions to reach sirat al-mustaqeem and continue on it walking is to eat halal food. [ Taher 06 Jul 04:50 ]

Allah said in Holy Qur'an: ayyuhib an yaakul lahma akheehi maytan fa karihtumoohu, do you like to eat the flesh of the carcass of your dead borther you hate that it is disgusting .we have to eat from halal and keep anything in yoiur heart, even if you heart was severely broken keep in your heart then Allah will rejuvenate your heart from the Hawd al-Kawthar, by eating spriitual food and physical food. spiritual food is not do sins especially backbiting and physical food is what you earn by your sweat. if you do that you suceed and if you eat haram food by cheting and lying then that person even if mureed he will be away from vision of shaykh. still you come sit in gathering of Khatm al-Khawajagan but will not get ... [ Taher 06 Jul 04:52 ]

then today the mureed must leave all 800 forbiddens and he has no excuse to say that I dont know that it is forbidden. you can know fi something is forbidden by checking with your mind is it good or bad . if good do it and if not dont. and that is mesaure in last days to know if something allowed or forbidden. and grandshaykh said the mureed must avoid the 800 forbiddens and it will open to him slowly slowly to know all of them. and I mention here as I mentioned before that grandshaykh ordere Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil to do seclusion for 9 months in Madinatul-munawwarah, and that is same place that grandshaykh did Seclusion for one year, in same building but different room. [ Taher 06 Jul 04:54 ]

grandshaykh sent us there and said you stay in my room. when we went for hajj he sent us to shaykh Abbas Qari who is from Bukhara and he is head of Bukharan mureeds in Madina. and he is one of the grand mureeds looking after mureeds in Madinatul-munawwarah. and grandshaykh sent us to stay in his room in Madinatul-munawwarah and he said stay there and wait and Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil will join you. and we wnet to that building and met Shaykh Abbas Qari and that was first time. and we said grandshaykh said for us to stay in grandshaykh's room. and he siad no way, I cannot let allow anoyone to stay in that room because of the blessing that are coming on that place and I am feeling it, because you migth not be able to carry it. [ Taher 06 Jul 04:56 ]

and I dont have any room but I will put you on the roof to stay until Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil comes. we went on top of roof and it was full of goats where he keeps them on roof of building. and there is across from that building another building and between them a distance of this carpet and between the 2 buildings from one rood to the other there is a piece of wood and he said this is only place we can give to you. as soon as we put our feet on the wood it is moving and it is 3 stories upand he wants us to stay there. you cannot say no, I want five star hotel I want five star package. that is tariqat. grandshaykh does not know this will happen to us. no he said do that to them and check their hearts. [ Taher 06 Jul 04:58 ]

and he has all these lizards, small ones that make the sound tick tack. and he said you sleep three on the wood and dont move too much the wood is not strong enough to carry you and your brother. so I said to my brother you must lose weight because he is heavy. they dont like you to follow forbideen. so when theys ent us to see room of Shaykh Nazim and his room. so when Shaykh Nazim came and he opened the room of grandshaykh and you can feel the smell comign form that room. although grandshaykh has returned back to Damascus for almost one year after he finished his seclusion, still the nice perfume smeel inside that room. so Mawlana Shaykh told us that grandshaykh tod him there are 800 forbiddens and I want you to count them and list them out. you have 9 months khalwah. 6 months of it is very severe khalwah and 3 months is khalwati jalwati you can go out to Prophet's Haram and pray there. and Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil said I bgan to think of these forbiddens and I was able to find 187 forbiddens, according to my levle [ Taher 06 Jul 05:01 ]

and accoring to grandshaykh's level he knows 800 forbiddens. and to be a mureed that is what I want to come to is to leave all forbiddens else you are falling into well of shaytan and ddont interefre in soethign that does not concern you. avoid burning your finger and avoid being with bad people. he said something that to awliyaullah if you do any kind of worshipness you will be rewarded a reward from Allah but if you leave one forbidden you dont do it, Allah swt will give you endless rewards because you held yourself back for Allah's sake and He will dress you with endless lights of the Prophet (s). [ Taher 06 Jul 05:03 ]

so if the murshid order you something you have to do it. and he said, I dont like to mention it but they mention it, idhaa amr murshid bi ma yakrihah fa la yajuz al-mureed an yatalafazh bim lima laa. if shaykh order you to do something to spend money and everyone hates to spend money and everyone hates gvie donation in money if he orders you to give donation in money which you dislike la yajuz it is not allowed for mureed to say why I have to give. [ Taher 06 Jul 05:04 ]

like one story of grandshaykh. one time there were two people want to marry husband and wife. and grandshaykh I saw him saying where is Shaykh Nazim, call him here. we went to Shaykh Nazim we called him and he came and grandshaykh said, I need from you 1000 Syrian money (say 1000 dollar) and from Shaykh Husayn 1000 dollars and he looked at me and my brother and siad, I dont ask anyone for money except for them. they are my two student (talmeedh) and if I ask someone and they dont fulfill it then they will be in heavy problem. [ Taher 06 Jul 05:06 ]

as today if you ask someone to give donation for majid or anything they will ask for what I have to give. so he said to Shaykh Nazim give 1000 and to Shaykh Husayn give 1000 and they called that man who wants to marry and gave him the moeny and said you give that to your fiancee as dowry. and gr said they are the only ones I give order because any other if I give the order and they dont fulfill it they will be under heavy bruden. [ Taher 06 Jul 05:07 ]

there was Shaykh Muhammad Amin al-Baghdadi used to teach in CAiro in Masjid Baybars. theydug his body up recently and his body was as fresh as buried today. and my uncles were his mureeds. and there was a person mureed of his that was doing something the Shaykh did not like. he was having people do mureeds to himself and make rabita to him collecting people to himself through `ilm. calling people to himself. [ Taher 06 Jul 05:09 ]

so there are many representatives that are not right representatives. fi they call people to themselves they will end in something big that Allah does not like his awliyaullah to be angry and Allah might send someone on that person make him crazy one. so when he knew that person is clling people to himself he took his miswak in front of all his mureeds and said look at that shaykh in Lebanon ( I forgot his name) he is on beach and making dhikr; I break the miswak into two and he is going to become crazy. and the people who were with that shaykh on beach in Lebanon saw the man change and become crazy. so when Shaykh asks soething you do it not if you like only. it is not up to our reasoning. they act on what Allah ordered them and what the Prophet (s) ordered them according to the knowledge that thye acquired from the Prophet (s). [ Taher 06 Jul 05:11 ]

that is why abu hurayran said, I memorized or the Prophet (s) poured in my heart 2 kinds of knowledge one I spread it which is Shariah and the other I kept it, If I say what the Prophet (s) told me they will cut my neck. so awliyaullah like for what they say to be done they know theings that others dont. as abu Hurayrah said, there is knowledge that people cannot follow and it will be dangerous for those who dont fulfill the order of the Shuyookh. also form adab of tariqah when someone wants to eat or drink he has to thank Allah swt for that ni`mat. even one sip of water or coffee. [ Taher 06 Jul 05:12 ]

he has to thank Allah swt for this ni`mat. because Allah will change if there is negativity in that drink or food you are eating or drinking. today you dont know who cooks it, mgiht be someone who is junub needs ghusl or someone needs wudu or someone who used restroom and did not wash. so all that negativity in the restaurant will affect the person eating. awliyaullah recommend when cooking to have wudu. so to avoid that before eating say ashadu la ilaha ill 'Llah wa ashadu anna Muhammadan rasoolullah and shukr ya rabbee `ala hadhan-ni`m that reflection will become from negative to positive and become what will rejuvenate you. that is better than jogging. ladies and men jogging that will not increase your life. [ Taher 06 Jul 05:14 ]

and he siad to read one verse of Holy Qur'an by beginning with Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem and one aya and that will clean the water or food you are drinking or eating. and why Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil takes salt before and after the food? [ Taher 06 Jul 05:15 ]

for what? hadith an-Nabi (s), he said that taking salt at begining of food and at end of food will take away from you 70 diseases. and awliyaullah from that hadith they know how to expand on it and explain it, saying it means cure of not only 70 diseases but also 70 spiritual diseases from the 800 manhiyyat. that will be by taking littel bit of salt at beginning and end that is because salt carries some realities of teh ocean and in ocena there are things that no one knows. like story of Sayyidina Bayazid al-Bistami (q) when he was being stoned by ulama of his time where they thought he did something wrong after they called him to court and judged him as guilty and judged that he must be stoned to death. after being stoned he fell down and they thought he is dead, no stethoscope at that time. so after some time after they threw his body in the dump, afer time he awoke and he left and went to a boat. [ Taher 06 Jul 05:18 ]

there he boarded ship and they went on sea. and then they encountered a severe storm and the boat is about to sink. and theri thinking in taht time not like today. they said must be someone bad came on this ship and is cause of the storm. so Sayyidina Bayazid al-Bistami (q) said, they are going to take innnocent person and kill him. so he said, yes I am that one. and they took him and threw hi in the ocena. and he was diving in the ocean and he said ya rabb I am not returning to land until I find the reality of that ocean. and grandshaykh said he was moving with tayy az-zaman and makan. moving by compressing space and time and he reached a place he heard huww, huwww huww and huge number of people [ Taher 06 Jul 05:20 ]

and he saw on top of them is Shah Bahauddin Naqshband (q). and he said I am not returning until I find that secret of that dhikr. and he felt Shah Bahauddin Naqshband (q) as if saying to him why are you in my territory and so he withdrew. and he was seeing Shah Bahauddin Naqshband (q) as Allah created him as a soul because he had not yet come to dunya, he was still a soul. and so as the Prophet (s) said, that souls are gathered battaliions those who know each other are togeter etc. and so he saw that Shah Bahauddin Naqshband (q) is going to bring all these people to be together on his way and that is highest way to bring people to realities, the NaqshbandI Sufi way. so this salt has the reflection of that ocean of Shah Bahauddin Naqshband (q). and when you eat bit at beginning and end you get the blessings come ot you. [ Taher 06 Jul 05:22 ]

we come to Khatm al-Khawajagan, the adab, we leave until tomorrow as it is long. before going to gathering that you do KHatm you have to believe that all the saadat an-Naqshbandiyoon backward fro your time are present and in every Khatm conducted around the world and awliyaullah are present and angels are present and you hae to feel ashamed of yourself that you did not follow their orderes and that you are the onely one not following those orders and everyone else is clean as they are cleaned by the mashaykh [ Taher 06 Jul 05:23 ]

and we close with that tomorrow, about the adab of tariqah and shariah. if you see me speaking slowly because I am tired. [ Taher 06 Jul 05:24 ]

wa min Allah at-tawfeeq bi hurmati 'l-Fatiha [ Taher 06 Jul 05:24 ]

I check always the watch it is 40 minutes. [ Taher 06 Jul 05:24 ]

if you exceed 40-45 mins you lose the focus of listeneres and you lose focus yourself. grandshaykh three hours could speak. Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil speaks 40 mins [ Taher 06 Jul 05:25 ]

Sunday, July 5, 2015

MSH- After Zuhur- Michigan- 07/05/2015

Source- SufiLive Chat log
a'udhu billah mina 'sh-shaytani 'r-rajeem [ Taher 05 Jul 14:35 ]

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem [ Taher 05 Jul 14:35 ]

salam 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh [ Taher 05 Jul 14:35 ]

Nawaytu 'l-arba'een, nawaytu'l-'itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-'uzlah, nawaytu'l-riyaada, nawaytu's-salook, fee hadha'l-masjid [ Taher 05 Jul 14:35 ]

alhamdulillah that Allah swt we reached ramadan His favors. [ Taher 05 Jul 14:35 ]

and in Ramadan for sure people become thirsty. but Allah wants them to be thirsty so on Day of Judgment they wll not be thirsty. those who fast 17-18 hours will be favored on that day not to be thirsty. so the awliyaullah all their focus is the awrad that they give their followers in order they will not be judged and that they will not be thirsty. [ Taher 05 Jul 14:36 ]

and what I mean by judged is that Sayyidina Muhammad (s) said to Sayyida `Ayesha man hoosib u`adhdhib. whoever is called to account is punished. man ya`mal mithqaala dharratin khayran yaraah wa many ya`mal mithqaal dharratin sharran yaraah. they used to measure by atoms that whatever a person does of good will be measure by atoms weight but dharrah means smallest thing known now they say quarks are smaller. so whatever of smallest weight of goodness they have done they will be dressed with maghfira on Day of Judgment. [ Taher 05 Jul 14:38 ]

and I mentioned a story of Sayyidina Ibraheem ad-Dousouqi, not to waste your time by leaving your awrad because awrad he said at that time is like a candle that has been put and lit in a masjid. [ Taher 05 Jul 14:39 ]

awrad is like that shining candle that will give light to others and to yourself, so be like a candle, shining in the midst of darkness. and he gave an example about Sayyidina Ahmad al-Badawi [ Taher 05 Jul 14:39 ]

he said that one day Sayyid Ahmad al-Badawi , one of the five qutbs at that time, was passing by the road and he saw a man and greeted him and that man was a Jewish man. and he has in his hands a bunch of candles. [ Taher 05 Jul 14:40 ]

and that Jewish man said ya Imam. look first when he said Ya Imam, he did not say o man, he admit that he is an imam. tere is something goin in his heart to admit that he is an imam. we evern are arrogant we cannot say to someone we dont like ya Imam, not to raise him up. but that man is Jewish and he said, Ya Imam! [ Taher 05 Jul 14:40 ]

I am having these candles I am going to give them to you to put them in your masjid. he is giving a gift to Imam Ahmad al-Badawi to put these candles in the masjid and to lit them there in order people can see each other and he gave him 6 candles. Sayyid ahmad al-Badawi said to him, you deny our religion and you dont like our prophet although our prophet accepted Sayyidina Musa (as) and Sayyidina 'Isa (as) but you dont accept him. so why are you giving me these candles to light them in the masjid. tukadhdhib fee deenina you reject our religion and still you come with 6 candles to give to me for the masjid? and he is the qutb and that man is ordinary jewish man, at that time the Jewish Muslim and christian are living together. and that Jewish man said , we dont know what is going to happen tomorrow, we dont know what is happening on Day of Judgment. [investment][ if I invest with you something that I dont know what will happen tomorrow the Muslims are in need of these candles for them to say, it might be I will have a piece of that cake. laysa lana `ilmin limaa yaqa rubama yakoon faida ... perhaps I will get a benefit for that and I might get saved form a big difficulty on Judgment Day. and when he said that Sayyid Ahmad al-Badawi accepted the candles before that he was questioning him but when he said that he saw there is something in his heart of truth and he is not denying. so he took these 6 candles and put hem in the masjid and lit them around the mihrab where he gives his teaching and he put the candles areound where he put the candles in every direction. [ Taher 05 Jul 14:45 ]

6 candles. how many ayat of Holy Qur'an ? 6666. and how many days that Allah created heaves and earth. and how many suras 114, adds to six so that number has special significance. then he put the candles and he put his lecture until the candles were getting dim and sunrise is coming up. and that time candles are finished. he left the masjid but his heart was saying there must be some ibrah from the doing of the Jewish guy. Allah said in Holy Qur'an: [ Taher 05 Jul 14:46 ]

inna allaha yahdee man yashaa. Allah wants everyone to enter into Islam regardless of their religion, because inna ad-deena `indallahi al-Islam. verily teh religion before Allah is Islam and He said, wa li kulli wajhi muwalihaa. to everyone there is a direction he takes. and he said wa li kulli qawmin haad. to every people there is a guide and He did not want anyone not to be guided. so he said there must be something in that person's heart and he has power khariqa, that can move like laser and pass through everything, that person had that miraculous power within his heart that his heart is so enlightened he just needs little bit to become Muslim. so Sayyidina Ahmad al-Badawi has this power in his heart without looking through his spiritual power, looking only through physical power, he said this person did a favor for us, thank you andsuddenly he got inspiration "look at him with the Power that I gave to you." and awliyaullah have that kind of power. [ Taher 05 Jul 14:49 ]

he looked and he saw these candles lights is reaching to Bayt al-Maamoor, from the masjid, these lights of guidance that this person had to be guided and to be entered into Islam that he has been accepted and give him shahada due to his favor giving those candles to the masjid. to see Sayyidina ahmad al-Badawi when he is gving his talk, then he heard a voice saying to him, "Ya Ahmad! have good tidings, I chaged that Jewish person to a Muslim because of the favor he made the masjid." [ Taher 05 Jul 14:51 ]

it is said that if someone in Ramadan lit a candle Allah will give him ten candles on the Judgment Day from Bayt al-Maamoor, not physical candles but He will give him ten beautiful rainbow of lights from the Allah's Beautiful Names and Attributes in a donation to show his favor for one candle in Ramadan and so if you lit 30 candles you will b successful you will be given hasanaat for every 30 days times 10 so that is hasanaat that no one knows from inside Bayt al-Maamoor. [ Taher 05 Jul 14:52 ]

today when they open the Ka`ba and people want to jump in to take even a stone for baraka. what do you think when Allah will open for you to dress you with lights from Bayt al-Maamoor in 4th heaven because that is donation to the masjid. and Allah will favor you for donation to the masjid because you did something great for the people who are running that masjid. not only that he said when anyone gives a donation, here it says candle but tthat is a donation. sowhen someone gives candle or donation to the masjid at moment of death Allah will order the Angel of Death to take 10 candles from Bayt alMaamoor and put them in his grave. he will be benefiting for akhira that his heart is shining with these heavenly lights and not only that He gives him lights to his gave anad his grave becomes a portion of paradise as the Prophet (s) said in the grave is either Paradise or Punishment. so a donation to masjid is like that and haddith wa laa haraj speak without end about the rewards given to those who give to masjid. that Jewish person became Muslim because of the light of Imam Ahmad al-Badawi whose hearts' lights were reflected onto his heart. so I say here these interfaith proghrams they do here in masajid and other countires, some good comes from it. for those 6 candles that Jewish was changed to Islam. you dont know how many will come to Islma through interfaith by showing hospitality to non-Muslims . it will be of great benefit to all parties and we pray for eallah to gide everyone. and Allah wants his ummah to enter paradise. and for sure these people who are from Ummat an-Nabi (s), either from Ummat al-Ijaaba those who responded to the Prophet (s) and acepted and then Ummat al-da`wah those called to Islam but did not accept yet. for sure the Prophet (s) wants them at any moment to turn into Islam. these people donate grants to masajid and they give here and there. [ Taher 05 Jul 14:57 ]

like that jewish man gave the 6 candles Allah granted him heavenly light. so if you lit a candle in Ramadan there will be a great reward for Ummat an-Nabi (s) and we see what is that? [ Taher 05 Jul 14:57 ]

qala Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (r) ya Rasoolullah akhbirna `an thiyaab siyaam ramadan. Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (r) asked the Prophet (s) tell us about the rewards of fasting Ramadan, if they were awke in Ramadan according to the adab of that month, no backbiting and no cheating and no lying and all these bad manners you do in life take it away, if they follow the Aadaab of Ramadan with love and ocnsideration and keeing that RAmdan yarmud adh-dhunoob, He will make from every kalimat kharajat min famihi laylat al-isra... tahmil dhunooba ummatee ..kama yahmil al-janaza fid-dunya ya abaa bkr. [ Taher 05 Jul 14:59 ]

He said that the one who holds ramadan with all its principles on the night that Allah brought me to qaaba qawsayni aw adnaa Allah made every word I spoke an ocean of knowledge and created a paradise for the words of the Prophet (s) in his heart and the words spoken without letters and without sound. the Prophet (s) was understanding with letters without sound and words with sound. without sound Allah was sending revealing to heart of the Prophet (s) witout writing and the Prophet (s) was understanding what Allah sending to him. and he said that from my mouth whatever word came wihtout letters of sound Allah created an ocean of knowledge and put on that ocean angels without numbers. and when Ramadan comes I see the sins of my ummah being carried by these angesl and they throw them in that ocean and it will erase their sins completey and open to their hearts forom the ocean that Allah gave to the Prophet (s) from each word that he spoke there, we dont know how many words he said. and he said when ramadan coms I see angels take the sins of my ummah and throw them in those oceans. it is stil ramadan so let us avoid putting ourselves in problems by backbiting and cheating and so forth. tyr as much as possible to recieve from this month where first 10 is rahmat, 2nd 10 is maghfirah and last 10 is `itqun min an-naar. [ Taher 05 Jul 15:03 ]

MSH- Ramadan Series- Michigan- 07/05/2015

Source- SufiLive Chat Log
a'udhu billah mina 'sh-shaytani 'r-rajeem [ Taher 05 Jul 04:48 ]

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem [ Taher 05 Jul 04:48 ]

Nawaytu 'l-arba'een, nawaytu'l-'itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-'uzlah, nawaytu'l-riyaada, nawaytu's-salook, lillahi ta'ala fee hadha'l-masjid [ Taher 05 Jul 04:48 ]

atee'oollah wa atee'oor-rasula wa uli'l-amri minkum [ Taher 05 Jul 04:48 ]

Alhamdulillahi Rabbi 'l-'Alameen, wa ’s-salaatu wa ’s-salaamu 'alaa ashrafi 'l-mursaleena Sayyidina wa Nabiyyina Muhammadin wa 'alaa aalihi wa sahbihi ajma'een [ Taher 05 Jul 04:49 ]

amaa b`ad, fa ya rabbana ya Allah ighfir lana warhamna wa`foow `anna. [ Taher 05 Jul 04:49 ]

everything is in Allah's Hands, in His Qudrah and He created His creation from Bahr al-Qudrah so that ocean Bahr al-Qudrah how much secrets are there. when Allah swt want to be known, His Will is to create creation, that will came up of creating creation for everyone to know that there is a Creator. and we are lucky that He created us or else we will not be existing. [ Taher 05 Jul 04:50 ]

existience is temporary that existence we are in, until our soul is gone, then the real existance is there. now it is a picture of teh real existance. allahs wt created duny and He did not look at it: kun fayoon. dunya is the earth of pious people and at same time the earth of non-pious people. as we said before we are going through some explanation of adab and adab is under Ahkaam ash-Shariah. and that is why the Prophet (s) said: adabanee rabbee fa ahsana taadeebee. the Prophet (s) mentioned how Allah swt perfected his manners. and the Prophet (s) said, inamaa bu`ithtu li utamimu makaarim al-akhlaaq. we are happy that he was sent to perfect the good manners of the people. [ Taher 05 Jul 04:52 ]

we are always thankful for Allah's guidance. wa li kulli qawmin haad, Allah said in Holy Qur'an that for every people there must a guide. [ Taher 05 Jul 04:53 ]

even you are one Allah will find a guide for you. Grandshaykh 'Abdullah al-Fa'iz ad-Daghestani (q) may Allah bless his soul, said, evern if there is somoene on top of a mountain. living there by himself, there must be in every 24 hours a guide who will pass by them. Allah will not leave anyone without a guide. the Prophet (s) his guide was Sayyidina Gibreel (as). cannot the Prophet (s) go by himself by Allah's invitaiton. but Allah wants to honor him in every level he stopped in mi`raj, he stopped him in first Paradise, 2nd, 3rd, fourth to be dressed with different manifestations of Allah's secrets. and He was addressing from that Paradise until he reached qaaba qawsayni aw adnaa [ Taher 05 Jul 04:55 ]

where there is no one there and the Prophet (s) was by himself. he felt a little bit of khashiyaa, and Allah made him to hear voice of Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (r) his close friend in order to calm him down. [ Taher 05 Jul 04:55 ]

and I mention this because it is big, that awliyaullah in their visions, that the Prophet (s) in that reality, we cnnot say place, in that reality that he was put in he had that fear, khashiyya min AllahI ta`ala. afraid, anything can happen. how to speak through revelation or going to speak witha voice or a movement? he was not in that place, Allah sent him without letter and without voice, sending to his heart and Allah from that light , the Prophet (s) was able to take the meaning of it at that level. [ Taher 05 Jul 04:57 ]

so what we have to mention here is that Allah swt called His Prophet to qaaba qawsayni aw adnaa where He gave him the ummah as in the Day of Promises, how it is clean on the day when He said, alastu bi -rabbikm. and He told Sayyidina Muhammad (s) that I am givnig you this ummah and as you get it clean and pure you mst return it. [ Taher 05 Jul 04:58 ]

there was revealed that verse of Holy Qur'an: kuntum khayra ummatin ukhrajit lin-naas. you were the best of ummahs sent to human beings. and the Prophet (s) looked at that ummah I twas clean and he said I accpt. wa laqad karmnaa bani adaam Allah gave kurmiyya khaasa to ummat an-Nabi (s), he made them aboe every nation. and the Prophet (s) looked at that and wa happy and he siad, Ya Rabb, I accept. then Allah swt showed him how they were going to be in dunya, full of ma`siy. and he was orried he said, Ya Rabb what to do? give me helpers. althought the Prophet (s) does not need anyone. if He says ya Rab and Allah says ya `Abdee. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:00 ]

we say hundreds of times ya Rabb we dont hear any response. there are too many veils. we cannot hear because there are too many veils. so Allah gave him 124,000 wali. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:00 ]

existing on earht. if one leaves dunya and dies another one replaces him. those are from different backgrouns, different awrad and different knowledge ubt all of them go to oceans at same time, like the rivers coming down from mountain and going to ocean. and everyone of these awliyaullah are big rivers, where Niagara is nothing comapred to that. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:01 ]

so out of the 124,000 saints there are 7007 Naqshbandiyyoon, awliyaullah of NaqshbandI bakcground. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:02 ]

so these awliyaullah are guiding us and that is why Allah swt said, wa li kulli qawmin haad. for sure for every group of people there mst be a guide. now the guide we are speaking of is awliya not of something else sos they guided us and in their guidance we said there are 4 levels. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:03 ]

level of the Prophet (s) and anbiya, level of awliya, level of a'immat. so many people are in tariqa an say I have been in tariqa 20 yars and not seeing anything. well they are not following the procedures given by doctor of te soul. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:03 ]

but when it comes to spiritual remedies prescribed by awliya, you are going in spiritual direction, if we purify our soul through guidance of shuyookh. and how do the shuyookh guide you? some come spiritually and some come through recitation of awrad. that will guide you to door of guidance. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:04 ]

so every wali Naqshband or not give certain awrad to mureeds in order to be guided. and the bst time awliyaullah give to their mureeds to do their awrad are three: 1) period from Qiyam al-layl up to Ishraq. 2) period from Asr to Maghrib, 3) from Maghrib to Asr you sit and do your awrad. these are three periods of time that if you do you will be at threshold of reality of the Prophet (s). and from there the Prophet (s) will put you at threshold of Divine Presence. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:06 ]

so toobaa liman tab`a hadhihi';l-awqaat ath-thalath and to NaqshbandI awliya anyone who did not follow these procedures will begin again. every thime you climb stairs then comes shaytan and make him fall and then he is thrown down or out. he is al-matrood, the one throwing out. awliyaullah are afraid of ghadaballah. they care we don tcare. but if ghadab Allah coms on us we are thrown out. as iblees who was head of angels and disobeyed one order what happened? he was thrown out of Paradise. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:08 ]

law khaalaf al-mureed huwa al-matrood min `arsh quloob al-awliya. the mureed who disobeys his shaykh will be rejected from the Throne of the hearts of awliya. they try their best to avoid falling into mistakes, like arroance oand anger, these are the 2 bad characteristics we are facing. arrogance will destroy you and your `ibadah. like that story that grandshaykh mentioned it many times. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:09 ]

there were 2 brothers and they were folloing Shaykh Sharafuddin ad-Daghestani (q) Great grandshaykh who was uncle of Grandshaykh 'Abdullah al-Fa'iz ad-Daghestani (q) and at same tim his Shaykh in the Golden Chain. there were these two who do their awrad and after they finish their awrad they bgin to tease each other like Soihib and Alii and they harm each other by punching each other and wrestling and when they become exhausted they fall on ground and look at their hearts: did any anger from these fights or not. if they find anger came against each other, they go and repent and dont eat and dont talk to anyone they try to struggle against their ego because of their struggle Allah gave them soething special. when they say Allahu akbar to start the prayer they see Ka`ba in front of them and with their spiritus they are in front of Ka`ba and they disappear from where they were sitting. everytime they pray that happens to them. so they begin to diiscuss between each othter one day how they were able to achieve that station and they say because of our awrad and our prayers we achieve that . that is pride. anaa `amalt hadha. yatafakharaan byanahum. so as soon as they say Allahu akbar they be there in front of Ka`ba. one is stronger than the other and one has power to move quickly to Ka`ba an d the other one whill hold his jubba and will be with his brother in front of Ka`ba. and one day they were discussing with eacho other how they reached that level and their wives were hearing them, the wives were two sisters. and tey got upse the wives. they said it is not because of ibadah they reached such levels it is because of us they reachd these levels. do you agree? [ Taher 05 Jul 05:13 ]

they said we will show them that it is because of us they got that power. so that night, they usually ake the bread at night. so they make the dough and mix with drops of chikcens and they mix and mix until the dough becoes big and the drips of chicken inside dough and they used to cook for them with complete ghusl and wudu. because wudu takes sins away completely. that is why it is prefered not ot pray `Asr with same wudu of Zhuhr or the `Isha pryer with wudu of Maghrib. that is a true story in Daghestan a very well known story there. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:15 ]

so they ate from that bread and then time of prayer came they said Allahu akbar and they were not able to move one inch. not seeing Ka`ba and not appearing at Ka`ba even. both of them. they begin to think what happened. and the two ladies say ot them, because of us you are able to do that. because we gave you pure food. whenyou get pure food Allah will open to you all levels. what is pure food? it is when you are doing your awrad that is food for the spirit or soul. when you are doing awrad on that day you wil lbe dressed the secrets of what is being dressed on the Throne of Allah's secrets and mercy. so you want to be dressed with alalhs' mercy and dressed with Prophet's .. then they must do awrad. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:17 ]

so those who dont know the awrad we put in writing. so for every people there is a guide. there are 7007 guides in Naqshband order. you cannot jump fromone to tone. you can sit in majlis but your guide is one. you can sit with another and listen to what he says. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:18 ]

masdar al-`aafaat wadh-dhunoob al`aql. the measure of sins and wrongdoing is the mind. that is where the waswasa whispers of shaytan comes and misguides you. so these awrad will direct you to normal track direct you to something that will save you. the most that awliyaullah are worried for their followers is something that might take them to be away from reaching the haqaaiq and the asrar the realiaties and secrets and that is al-ghadab. you cannot have ghadab in tariqah. al-ghadab is like kufr. it throws you in places you dont want to be in. like that story of Grandshaykh 'Abdullah al-Fa'iz ad-Daghestani (q) not story but reality. there was a wrestler in Daghestan very strong one .muscle builder. body builder. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:20 ]

one day came to his mind "I want to repent." so he went to look for a shaykh and they told him about Shaykh Sharafuddin ad-Daghestani (q) and so he came and he has his sword and his gun and coming to the Shaykh with the gun and with the sword and as he arrived to the Shaykh he took his hat an put it like that (crooked) means I am a wrestler, meaning people have to be afraid from him. this is the characteristics of the ego. he came to Shaykh and siad, Ya Shaykh I want be a mureed. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:22 ]

so awliyaullah dont throw jewels to hand of children. he jump all the way wants the jewels. his shaykh looked at his heart andfindthat he really wants to be mureed and wants to do what awliyaullah want him to do. though from outside he looks like a terrorist although he is not. and we say terrorist though 20 years ago there was no suh mention. so the Shaykh said, o my son before I give you tariqah and guide you and put you in knalwah, I want to send you downetown to the city. and he said, "Ok Sayyidee I will do." and Shaykh said, "go to cernter of city yo will find someone carrying intestines of sheep and goats, you know thery are dirty they bring from where they slaughter the animals. that person was selling them. and he said you go beind him and iwth all your power slap him on the neck. and then tell me what happens.a nd he looked at the Shaykh and said is there in tariqah somethign like that to slap someone. and Shaykh Sharafuddin ad-Daghestani (q) said, Yes. and so he was happy he said that he would slap everyone. and so he did as Shaykh said and went ot city center and found that person and he went behind him and slapped him on the back. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:31 ]

that man turnd and looked at him and did not say one word. not even to say samahakullah. and this wrestler went back to Shaykh and the Shaykh said you go now rest and tomorrow we send you someone else. and next day he said you go such and such you find a perons selling sheep intestines. and you go and beat him up. and that man feel down and from power of his hand looked at him and smiling. can you do that, can anyone do that? smiling. he said leave that, tomorrow one more. so next day he said to him you go to that field where there is an old man in his 70's plowing the field you go behind himan take big stick and beat him until the stck brokes. so next day he went and saw the old man there plowing the field and he took stick from bakc and hit him first time, 2nd time and 3rd time it brokes the sticke. and the old mane turned around and kissing the hands of the man and he said forgive me you were sent to correct me and fogive me I made you to feel pain in your hand. he showed him ihsan, the highest level of character. so the Shaykh said ok you rest tomorrow and the next day the wrestler came to shaykh and shaykh said come to garden with me. he gave the wrestler a big stone and came to gander wehre there is apple teree. thorow wiht your power on the tree. with the power of the hit 10 apples fell down. Grandshaykh 'Abdullah al-Fa'iz ad-Daghestani (q) siad, you hrut the tree but the tree will still give you ten apples. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:31 ]

so the Shaykh went back and said the first one is the mubtadi` beginner he did know his shaykh sent that test but could not prevent feeling some anger though he did not say anything. and the second was mustaid and that is the prepared one he did not show his anger. and the third is the one who not only did not show anger but apologized for causing pain to his hand. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:33 ]

so the key is to do the awrad and to leave anger behind. those who when told by Shaykh argue and discuss are not successful. aljidaalu yutfi` noorul-qalb, imam Ghazali said, that arugment will extinguish light of the heart. Allah has built light in heart. and when you argue too much you will become dark heart. like you have dark chocolate, it is still chocolate. you will have dark heart but still chocolate, if you think to repent. you want to eat honey? yes. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:34 ]

but then you have to be patient because you will have lot of stings from the bees. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:34 ]

so you have these stings. you want to eat honey you have to struggle. afdalul-jihaadu kalimatul-haqq the bst jihad is the word of truth you exteneded your hand and awliyaullah they will not leve you even you leave them. they will reach you no matter how far you go. they will reach you by any measure in dunya and akhira. the one who does not do his mureed must do it next day and make it up. awliyaullah will not allow you not to do your wird. if you dont do it because you are busy that day, make it up. if you are busy next day do istighfaar 100 x and say O my Lord I was busy that day forgive me and accept and Allah will accept. we continu with that tomorrow, the issues of anger and arrogance. you must not have arrogance like these 2 brothers who failed to reach Ka`ba because of their seeing themselves and the story of wrestler who was with anger. and may Allah accept us and dress with tajalli of ramadan and accept our fasting, wa min Allah at-tawfeeq bi hurmati 'l-Fatiha salam 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. [ Taher 05 Jul 05:37 ]

MSH- Ramadan- after Zuhui Subbah- Micigan- 07/04/2015

Source- SufiLive Chat Log
salam 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh [ Taher 04 Jul 14:31 ]

Alhamdulillahi Rabbi 'l-'Alameen, wa ’s-salaatu wa ’s-salaamu 'alaa ashrafi 'l-mursaleena Sayyidina wa Nabiyyina Muhammadin wa 'alaa aalihi wa sahbihi ajma'een [ Taher 04 Jul 14:31 ]

today is a turning point in the Days of Islam. it is the first battle between those who are on Haqq, following Sayyidina Muhammad (s), his Companions and those who were on baatil, following the unbelievers led by Abu Jahl and Abu Lahab. they represent the whole kufr, Abu Jahl and Abu Lahab. they know that Sayyidina Muhammad (s) is a messenger but out of arrogance and pride, where arrogance and pride destroy all good characteristics in human behavior. so they represent that situation where on the other side the Prophet (s) and His Companions represent the peaceful cake that is Isla. [ Taher 04 Jul 14:33 ]

and it was turning point between Haqq and baatil, qul jaa al-haqqa wa zahaqq al-baatil, inna al-baatil kaana zahooqa, falsehood will be destroyed completely as Allah does not like falsehood. sahaba were thinking only in one way that is in surrendering their nafs, their self to the Prophet (s). they did not have any desire, all their desires were surrendered to the Prophet (s) and the Prophet (s) was surrendered to Allah swt. we were speaking yesterday about the surendering to the murshid, the shaykh and Allah said, wa li kulli qawmin haad for every people there is a guide. [ Taher 04 Jul 14:35 ]

and so we accept that heavenly order. and the Prophet (s) when the Sahaba surrendered to him completely after they migrated through full surrendering but in Ghazwat Badr the Sahaba were surrendering their complete issue to the Prophet (s), they did not have an opinion, 313 of them. but in Ghazwat Uhud where there was lot of spoils of war, to gain, so they left the Prophet (s) and he ordered them to stay at the mountain, dont come down, even you see us destroyed or winning dont come down. but hubb ad-dunya I am not speaking about Sahaba we are under their feet like we liked to be under feet of our shuyukh, under their threshold, so they ran and left the mountain, they sw the other Comapnions were collecting everything precious, swords and armory and everything precisou. [ Taher 04 Jul 14:37 ]

but when they left that mountain, that mountain was in spirituality the nafs, of their egoes, that big ego pushing them to disobey the Prophet (s) and that was a mistake. and what happened? at that time Khalid bin Waleed who was one of greatest SAhabi but at that time not yet Muslim, he came from behind the mountain and attacked them. and they won. [ Taher 04 Jul 14:38 ]

because Allah said `ajabatkum kathratkum, youwere impresssed by your numbers but no, Allah does not support by numbers but it is Allah's will. they had more numbers but were defeated. in Ghazwat Badr, less numbers but they were supported by Allah and Allah sent angels. in Ghazwat Uhud they lost the battle because they got desire for gain of dunya. we have to decide if we want to win or we want to lose. in dunya matters you ask Shaykh or not, you lose or you gain, there is ego in it for gain or profit. but in spiritual issues you have to submit. [ Taher 04 Jul 14:39 ]

if someone does not submit make takbeer on him, he is dead already kabbir `alayh, no benefit for him or her. so today ma`rakatu badr the battle of Badr has to always be in our hearts with complete taslimiyya to the Prophet (s) and the other battle of Uhud they disobeyed the Prophet (s) and they lost. [ Taher 04 Jul 14:40 ]

and in Uhud they had huge numbers but they lost that was due to the ego. and the mountain represents the ego. that is like story of Sayyidina Musa (as) when he was going up so high when he was in holy valley of Toowaa, that he asked to see Allah. how can you dare to ask to see Allah. Allah is known through his signs in dunya. Allah is known by when you look at two people and they are different. who made them different? every one has his particular IT his chip, that tech nology people understand, and electric people understand Allah swt doesnt need software [ Taher 04 Jul 14:42 ]

everyone has a small seed in his back that all the mind stays there. and who made that? subhanallah. so Sayyidina Musa (as) asked to see Him. and Allah was veiling from Sayyidina Musa (as) not to see him. the one who asks must come with no ego. the Prophet (s) was invited to come to Divine Presence. and many scholars including imam Nawawi and Imam Sha`rawi said that the Prophet (s) saw Allah swt with the eyes of his head. if they ask you where is that, it is in Sahih Muslim in tafsir of hadith al-mi`raj. so when you see your ego these doors are not opn to you, so when you blow away your eog and destroy it, as when Allah destroyed the ego of Sayyidina Musa (as), when he tajalla `ala al-jabal sent his manifestation on the mountain representing the ego, it was destroyed. then the haqaaiq and realities and secrets will be opened in every haqiqa and sirr secret there is futher secret and reality. the teacher will through the Prophet (s) power and Allah' power to go in ascension. then the doors will open and when they open they are never closed again because you see the realities and you submit. [ Taher 04 Jul 14:45 ]

this story will explain it. one of the awliyaullah had lot of followers not like here. in their majlis 5000, 10K people attend. and there was one of his mureeds that one was reaching to smell these realities and these secrets. yet it was not yet opened to him but like when there is delicious food the smell coms with the wind. that mureed is of that type, he smell the fruits that are beginning to ripen, and it has not opened the realities and secrets but only the smell of it. he was able to read what is written on lawh al-mahfouzh of his Shaykh and it is written there that Shaykh is going to hellfire. [ Taher 04 Jul 14:47 ]

is it possible my Shaykh is going to hellfire? he is guiding hundreds of thousands on Islam and he in is going to be in a period thrown in helfire. immediately he made ghusl prayed 2 raka`ats and made a sajda. and you as Naqshbandiyyoon you have mater of dunya or akhira or repentance or something that is in dunya then make ghusl and pray 2 raka`ts and make sajda and ask for sake of the Prophet (s) solve your problems. you cannot reach your teacher to solve your problems. people come to shaykh to solve their problems that is mostly what theycome for. but dont use rocket to kill an ant. when you ask for that the Prophet (s) will stop the shaykh through vision or through rabiat [ Taher 04 Jul 14:49 ]

so he saw his shaykh... one time grandshaykh may Allah bless his soul, said, there was a big stack of envelopes and full of letters. and I was sitting there. that was in teh 80's and he said to me lookthis big amont of letters and every leter is a newspaper. how am I going to read all that? [ Taher 04 Jul 14:49 ]

at the end they are asking in the last sentence "pray for me." let them say from beginning "pray for me" with out telling me their storied. I will pray for them. so he gave them all to me and said, read on them Surat al-Fatiha. and subhanallah after a while many letters came from teh people who sent these letters and said their matters were opened. that iswhat Shaykh can do , without writing two pages or three pages writing with very small letters to fill the page and at the end last line is "Pray for me." and why not just write on a paper in large leters "PRay for me." [ Taher 04 Jul 14:51 ]

so you are in west and Shaykh in the east, then what do you do? take shower and pray 2 rak`ats and then make sajda and ask Allah to solve your problem. dont hesistate to do that because through sajda Allah will accept as you are showing humility and you show you dont deserver Allah si the one who can solve your problems. but come through the door, come with the ayah that Allah gave . [ Taher 04 Jul 14:52 ]

come with o Allah for sake your beloved one through Sayyidina Muhammad (s) , I am coming to you through him and that is hadith of blind man, that even ibn Taymiyya aceped in his walaa wal-baraa, that is a turnkey hadith, that ibn taymiyya and ibn qayyim who accepte that hadith of the blind man who came to the Prophet (s) and said, "Ya Rasoolullah I am blind and I am old. I have no one to take me to pray behind you, qiyam al-layl and Fajr. and iw ant to do Qiyam and Fajr behind you as other sahaba." this is very famous hadith and Wahabi people today say that ibn taymiyya made mistake to accept that hadith. [ Taher 04 Jul 14:54 ]

and the Prophet (s) said to him, make fresh wudu and pray 2 raka`ats and recite, allahuma inne asaluka wa atawajjahu ilayk bi nabiyyik Muhammad Nabi yr-rahmat, ya Muhammad! [ Taher 04 Jul 14:55 ]

the Prophet (s) is teaching us to say ya Muhammad! when you say ya Muhammad Allah is happy. as special case, though the Prophet (s) is an abd but Allah gave special case that people can ask through the Prophet (s). ya Muhammad inne atawajahu ilayk bi Muhammad. I am directing my face towards you by means of Muhammad in this matter of mine. [ Taher 04 Jul 14:56 ]

idhhab ila al-meeda... go to wudu place and make that dua and say what happened. so he did that and made dua, in sajda, some say in sajda and some say not as well. so in any case he did that and immediately his vision was resotred to him and he ran to the Prophet (s) and hugged him. [ Taher 04 Jul 14:57 ]

this happened in time of the Prophet (s) and it happened in the time after the Prophet (s). there was a man who needed Sayyidina 'Uthman (r) to solve his problem and he was unable to get Sayyidina 'Uthman (r) to see him. he went to Sayyidina 'Uthman (r)'s committee and sititing there with his mustashaareen, advisors and Sayyidina 'Uthman (r) did not repsond to him in any signal to come in. so the man was upset. and he came back next day and the following day for one week and he was unable to reach Sayyidina 'Uthman (r) although Sayyidina 'Uthman (r) was seeing him but did not signal thim to come in. so that Sahahi, Usman bin Haneef and he went to another Sahabi and told him his issue. and that Sahabi told him the dua of the blind man to recite and said it will solve your problem. so that man took wudu and went and recited that dua. and he passed by door of Sayyidina 'Uthman (r) and immediately Sayyidina 'Uthman (r) called him to come in. for many days he was not giving him any importance but when he read that dua immediately he responded. [ Taher 04 Jul 15:00 ]

so when we have rpoblem from far away call on your teacher and believe Allah will solve your problems by making wudu, praying two rak`ats and then asking Allah to solve your problem. [ Taher 04 Jul 15:00 ]

so that mureed seeing in Preserved Tablets that his shaykh going to helfire. so he made wudu, he knows Shariah, and he went in to sajda and asked ya rabbee howcan my teacher go to hellfire, and I will pray for him and he making dua dua dua day after day. [ Taher 04 Jul 15:01 ]

then after many days he saw on Preserved Tablets that the name of his teacher has been erased. so when he saw that he was so happy he rushed traveling a long way and went to his teacher. as he arrived at that door of his teacher his teacher looked at him and took his miswak and broke it and said to him, if you dont go and pray for me to be returned to my place in hellfire, I will break you like I break this miswaak. and so he ran and again began making dua and asking Allah to put his teacher in hellfire. finally after long time and foudn on Preserved Tablets his shaykh is written among people of hellfire, may Allah not make us among the people of hellfire [ Taher 04 Jul 15:03 ]

and he made long journey back to his teacher and he arrived his teacher was standing there at the door welcoming him and saying, I am surrendered to the Will of Allah. I am in annihiliation process, I am annihilated in love of Allah and love of the Prophet (s). and if they throw me in hellfire I will not feel it, and if they throw me in paradise I wil not feel it. my concern is only to love Allah. and so it iwas left like that. and we dont know the hikmah. [ Taher 04 Jul 15:05 ]

so that wali began to smell the realities and secrets. he saw his Shaykh and if he had gone deeper and deeper, not just the smell that was for him a trap to see how he will act and react. so he passed his test and it was opened to him from haqaaiq an-Nabi (s) and his teacher opened in his heart the six pwers in the heart, that are within his heart: haqiqat al-fayd, haqiqat al-tawajjuh, haqiqat al-irshad, haqiqat at-tay, haqiqat aljazba, and sent him as his calipha to whatever countries they were reaching at that time. so the principle in NaqshbandI Sufi order is to submit. and not be like salmon fish it resists and resists and resists and finally reaches the end of the cliff and it dies. It wa continually pushing against the flow of water. and it is pushing and pushing to stuggle with its eog and die there. that means complete submission,when someone dies that is cmoplete submission. a mumin if he submits to Allah Allah gives him paradise and a non-beleiver we cannot say. Allah knows best. and they say in NaqshbandI Order if you want to be guided you must be like leaves in fall time. [ Taher 04 Jul 15:08 ]

in the fall they come down, the wind takes them left and takes them right, they dont object, we have to be like that. to submit to take you right and take you left they make you miserable they make you happythey pull from you something it is in their hands. your duty is submission. close your ears. that is why Sayyidina 'Ali (r) said these 4 principles where the first is as-sukoot, silence not to talk. and 2nd is as-sima` to listen to what you dont like and what you liek and to separate them. 3 to observe 4 to move. [ Taher 04 Jul 15:09 ]

but in this case to be silent. whatever happens happens. but we are salmon fish we resist the water, by going up and going up. but when you reach there you suceed. you be in somplete submission. [ Taher 04 Jul 15:09 ]

so they ask from you to submit to their orders especially in istiqaamah, to be mustaqeem to be on sirat al-mustaqeem to be straightforward. not to fall left or right. to submit to taqwa'llah to submit to fear of Allah wt and to fear losing his love to you and to submit to tawfeeq min Allah that Allah give you success and that you eat only halal food. not just that meat is slaughtered halal. that even vegetables have to be halal earned through halal not through haram that you cheated. some people cheat. these are five under it : taslimiyya, taqwa, tawfee, aakal al-halaal, al-istiqaama. [ Taher 04 Jul 15:12 ]

so to achieve the best in dunya and akhira is to submit. t what you liek or dont like after the story about my mother to go or not to go. he said the shaykh is ordered by the Prophet (s) to look at his mureed 3 times a day and when he looks at his mureed he send them sour difficulties and not candies to see how they respond. they submit and say O my teacher is watching me. you submit. If you dont you break their rules and to them to break the rules is very unhappy situation for the mureed because then more difficulties will be coming to them and grandshaykh mentioned somethin I cannot read it, but to them to awliyaullah and to us [ Taher 04 Jul 15:13 ]

we cannot figure an unbeliever will go to Paradise. the one who is making shirk with Allah swt, he cannot go to Paradise without coming back to say shahada. so when you break the rules you are as if like that to them. that means you rejected what they ordered you to do that is something above everything else they will send you more problems and more difficulties to achieve more taslimiyya. so when you see these things coming dont say what have I done. no it is rewards from Allah if you surrender back to Allah swt and to the advice of your teaher you will be gratned na`eem ad-daarayn the pleasure of akhira and dunya. may Allah bless you and we continue that later it is not tafseer but it is someprinciples of the Naqshband sufi order. I noticed something which is very important and this is a small sample when there will be a conference , two days crash course on Shariah which is very good, people take theri notebooks and write, taking notes but when it comes to those who claim they are sufis or those who calim they are spiritual I dont see notebook or any pen they are taking notes. [ Taher 04 Jul 15:16 ]

count here how many people are taking notes, there are 3, 5 or 7. to show you that "aaah, let him talk..." [ Taher 04 Jul 15:17 ]

we listen to the stories that will be enough, make us feel ok. to this level now knowledge of NaqshbandI tariqah went down. before people were running to Shadhili Tariqat, to Chisti Tariqah to Qadiri Tariqah they run to these tariqas to be saved. and I am wondering why it is like that. but no answer except that shaytan wants to capture the people who are after the core of Islam. as ibn `ajeeba said al-`ilmu `ilmaan, `ilm al-awraaq wa `ilm al-adhwaaq. knowledge of papers and knowledge of taste. [ Taher 04 Jul 15:18 ]

but now people only wnat to dress the nicest way they can and the ladies jewelry to the shoulder and for men to have watches and they want people to look ath them nice I am inclding myself. but Allah wants our inside to look nice. innaAllah la yanzhuru ila soowarikum wa laakin yanzhuru ila quloobikum. [ Taher 04 Jul 15:19 ]

Allah does not look at outer appearances ourdress but he looks at our hearts. and that referes us to one ayah of Holy Qur'an: atee'oollah wa atee'oor-rasula wa uli'l-amri minkum [ Taher 04 Jul 15:19 ]

when you obey Allah and obey the Prophet (s) and obey the pious servants of him, then you reach. may Allah who knows we are helpless and weak, that Allah will assign some angels to do on our behelf then we be on railway track to heavens. wa min Allah at-tawfeeq bi hurmati 'l-Fatiha [ Taher 04 Jul 15:20 ]

taqabal Allah [ Taher 04 Jul 15:20 ]

MSH-Ramadan series- Michigan-07/04/2015

source- SufiLive Chat Log
Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem [ Taher 04 Jul 04:47 ]

salam 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi ta`ala wa barakaatuh [ Taher 04 Jul 04:47 ]

today is 17th of Ramadan al-Kareem and in that day the famous Battle of Badr, where the Muslims were victorious and although their number were limited 313 of the believers were able to destroy 1000 of the unblievers. may Allah bless us with the blessings of those who were at Battle of Badr, in their fight against the unbeleivers who abused them in Mecca al-Mukarramah. and this battle was supported by angels whom Allah sent to support them at Battle of Badr, and they all had turbans and with tails. and we recite Surat al-Fatiha for all those who died on that day their souls and for the Prophet (s). Surat al-Fatiha [ Taher 04 Jul 04:49 ]

salam 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh [ Taher 04 Jul 04:49 ]

whereever you are and for those who are present here. may Allah swt teach us. [ Taher 04 Jul 04:49 ]

the one who teach you is Allah swt teach the Prophet (s) by revelation and the Prophet (s) taught the Sahaba and the sahaba taugth the Ummah. so we said yest that every group of people receive their trust that they have given and accepted on day of promises. the Prophet (s) said al-arwaahu junoodan mujannada man ta`araf min hum talaf. [ Taher 04 Jul 04:50 ]

the souls are like groups of people battalions. those whom Allah made to now each other Allah made them to be together. and those who are in another group are in that group. it does not mean that they are unbelivers or did something big in Islam if they are in different group. no as long as you are taking care of Shari`ah and doing your `ibadah you are in the group that is taken care of by the Prophet (s) and you have been assigend a person to guide you. if some people might say that there is no guide, Allah is the Guide. thank you very good, we like that but what you say about the verse of Holy Qur'an; Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem [ Taher 04 Jul 04:52 ]

wa yaqoolulladheena kafaroo law laa unzila `alayhi ayatin min rabbih qul... li qawmin haad. o ya Sayyidina Muhammad (s) Allah setn him only to warn people and the rest Allah is saying in the ayah, for every group of souls there is a guide. so how you deny guide that the people needs a guide where Allah is saying it in Holy Qur'an that every group of people have a guide. so you can be a group of 1 million people and you are guiding them and you might have 2 people and yoiu are guiding them as the Prophet (s) said in kuntum thalaatha fa ammiroo ahadakum it you are three then make one to be leader [ Taher 04 Jul 04:53 ]

and the verse wa li kulli qawmin haad. then there s a guide for every people. so dont fight for having groups under you. what is written for you is writtn you are going to have 10 people under you, 100 or 200 million. leave the da` claim that it has to be one group. if it has to be one then Allah will make the whole ummah united. [ Taher 04 Jul 04:54 ]

ikhtilaaf al-ummah rahmat is a very basic principle in Islam: the differences of the commuminty are a mercy. we cannot fight. l love this one and follow him and you love this one and follow him. and you can only take your piece of cake. and he said for every group of people there is a guide. so even for a group of 3 there is a guide. and the message of the Prophet (s) came to us from Sahaba and according to the ... there are 124,000 SAhaba. and everyone of these sahaba have a group of people behind them. and Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (r) might have some people who love him more then they love the others, and Sayyidina 'Umar (r) may have some people who follow him and love him more than Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (r) or Sayyidina 'Ali (r). and similiarly for Sayyidina 'Ali (r). can we say they are wrong. we follow way of Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (r) that is how tariqah was born following Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (r). and Sayyidina 'Ali (r) has another way that he saw that is fit other groups. you cannot deny them. so we have 124000 different guides leading different groups and they are awliyaullah and they take from Sahabat an-Nabi (s). [ Taher 04 Jul 04:57 ]

what did the Prophet (s) say? Ashaabee ka'n-nujoom bi ayyihim aqtadaytum ahtadaytum. my Companions are like the stars in dark nights whichever one you follow you will be guided. and as Allah said, ... so saadaatuna an-Naqshbandiyyoon in the day of promises they took their guidance from two: [ Taher 04 Jul 04:58 ]

from two Sahabis. one is Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (r) and one is Sayyidina 'Ali (r). that is why it's called the Golden Chain because it is from two sides it is not from two sides it was combined. and add on it what the Prophet (s) said: anaa madinatul-`ilmi wa `aliyyun baabuhaa. I am the city of knowledge and Alii is its city. door of what? when that door is opened you reach your trust. the knowledge is insidde. yasa'loonaka `anil-ahillah... waatoo'l-buyoota min abwaabihaa wattaqoollaha la`alakum tuflihoon. dont come to a city or group of people who are sitting with taqwa and come from back, no have courage and come face to face. dont allow wrong guidance to allow you to guide you to the back. if you have something to say, say it in front of others they can defend themselves. not to make conspiracy by coming to people from bhind their back. Allah guided us through Sahaba to be on right guidance. [ Taher 04 Jul 05:01 ]

so saadaatuna'n-Naqshbandiyyoon took their guidance first before all because they took it from Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (r) and from Sayyidina 'Ali (r). they are in STation number Four on day of promises. what is that station? it is station of the Prophets. where the Prophet (s) took his trust first where he said I am the master of bani aadam on Judgment Day. [ Taher 04 Jul 05:02 ]

I am the one where all of them under me on Judgment Day and so all of them are taking from the Prophet (s). if they are not taking from the Prophet (s), their message is not so effective. that is the door, come through the door, the door of the Prophet (s) to all other prophets to get their trusts. [ Taher 04 Jul 05:03 ]

the second level is the Station of Companions. everyone of the Companions is a star that you be guided. everyone of them said a hadith that if you follow that single hadith it is enough. every hatdith emits light and if you are dressed by that light by following it you will be dressed with that light. [ Taher 04 Jul 05:04 ]

Third are the A'immat the Imams who are descendants of the Prophet (s). knowledge can be taken from them. and the Naqshbandiyyon take from Prophet, from Sahaba and from the 4 Imams and the 12 imams. we are not speaking Shi`ism here they are grandchildren of the Prophet (s) we love and respect them and they are teachers of the Ummah. the Naqshbandiyyoon took their `uhood, their `ahad from these three groups. [ Taher 04 Jul 05:05 ]

so when you enter tariqah you must put in front of you one nail that is a principle of the tariqah and if you dont follow it you are out of it. even if you come and beg to the Shaykh or the Guide, as we said there is a guide for everyone. if you keep on your mind dont come to the Shaykh. your mind has to be sleeping if you want to be guided by the Shaykh and so the first principle of the Tariqah : anna awwal pinciple anna al-murshid ya`almu akthar minhun `an nafsihi. that the murshid knows more abot the mureed than the mureed knows about himself. he has to believe in that. if he doesnt believe in that 1% he will lose the 99% your soul is yearning for that. it is pure cannot be destroyed. the light that Allah created everyone with is heavenly light and no one knows how it comes or goes but when it comes it gives mahyaa, life and when it goes it gives mamaat. that is so amazing making awliyaullah and prophets wondering how it comes and goes. there is no science which can understand the soul how it comes and goes. so that soul enters the child gets its life. if you keep that soul pure as when it was in day of promises then you will get your trust... so the mureed has to know that the shaykh knows more about his soul and his self and his... more than himself. so how do you want to argue when shaykh says something? today when shaykh says something you must say sami`na wa at`ana. their words are like jewels they dont throw jewels between feet of animals. their jewels are highly appreciated. and grandshaykh said the meaning we get from the whole Holy Qur'an is based on one ayah: [ Taher 04 Jul 05:09 ]

if you do according to that ayah as if you had done all the requirements that Holy Qur'an asked you for. [ Taher 04 Jul 05:09 ]

the summary of all the ayats 6,666 ayats is one ayah and it says: atee'oollah wa atee'oor-rasula wa uli'l-amri minkum [ Taher 04 Jul 05:10 ]

obey Allah. so if you obey as if you read the whole Holy Qur'an. and then "obey the Prophet (s)" and if you obey as if you obeyed the whole Holy Qur'an. and then wa oolil-amri minkum, obey those in charge of you, if you obey them as if you are obeying Allah and the Prophet (s) and the entire sg of Holy Qur'an. [ Taher 04 Jul 05:11 ]

maa ataakumur'rasoola fa khudhoohum whatever the Prophet (s) gives you take it. you cannot say no to it, whatever he brought is haqq. that is why Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (r) is called Siddiq. when the Prophet (s) the message by?? months he was invited for Isra and Mi`raj and when he came back he stood on cliff or hill and he was telling the people, this night Allah took me to qaaba qawsayni aw adnaa beyond the limits of heavens. and some they believed. Sayyidina 'Umar (r) was a little bit shaking. he went to Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (r) and he said "come and see your friend." he was not, I dont want to say it, but he is in struggle with himself. believe or dont believe so come and see your friend what he said, he went on isra and mi`raj. and Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (r) said sadaqa rasoolullah, the Prophet (s) said the truth without hearing what he said. he confirmed what the Prophet (s) said without hearing it. and he reached the leve l and so did all SAhaba of mootoo qabl an tamoot. if somone wants to see someone who died before he died look at Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (r). then Sayyidina 'Umar (r) calmed down. [ Taher 04 Jul 05:14 ]

so whatever the Prophet (s) came with we take there is no refurbishment of Islam. like refurbishing a house. no it is already perfect like the full moon. last night was the full moon. he is the full moon we take whatever he says. so the mureed has to know the Shaykh knows more, even in math, or science or physics he knows more. even in Shari`ah they know more. the Shaykh is able to see more. you ask in physics or math they anser in physics and math. but you dont need to ask. keep adab with them they will take you to submit to Allah and His PRophet (s). if you had 100% submission to awliyaullah, of course we are not speaking about the Prophet (s) the Prophet (s) is above that alla but we are speaking on level of human beings, common normal people. if you beleive that you have to know your shaykh knows more than you, knows about your `aqal more than you and knows about your rooh more than you, then he will open the haqaiq wa asraar. the realities and secrets. if you have any doubt then he will not . so the first thing you have to have is submission. if Shaykh sasy put it here, then put it here. dont say it is better there. no even in smallest ting in dunya life he knows better than you. then when he opes for you the secrets then the `uhood you made on day of promises comes one after one. so too many promises we made in yawma alastu bi rabbikum according to that verse wa li kulli qawmin haad. [ Taher 04 Jul 05:18 ]

so they will take you to different level of aadaab ash-shari`ah, the etiquettes of Shari`ah, they will give you that secret which when you read the hadith to deduce from it Shari`ah it will come in different way than normal people will understand and read, you begin to go into core of hadith an when the Prophet (s) mentioned it, and what level the Prophet (s) was at when he mentioned it as he is always in ascension, they will open one after one then you become `arifun billa that is one of highest level. so at-tasleem al-maqbool `inda awliyaullah submission is what awliyaullah recommend to our followers. like our son Dr Junayd, you or Dr Kareem or Dr. Jamal a patient comes to you you give him a pill he will take it. he will not say why am I taking it, except herbal organic ones. and you go docttor and he says take this tablet he will take it. why when shaykh says "do this" you begin to question. why are you coming to Shaykh? to prescribe for you a wird that fit you. [ Taher 04 Jul 05:21 ]

like a doctor he gives you a table to take you take it , whether you cure or not is different. so he gives you a tablet it might suit the patient or it might not. so the doctors are giveing something and it works immediately and for others it takes longer. so for some the mureed when Shaykh says do this and he advances quickly because he believes . and another that comes and given same wird does not advance even though given same wird. because he has doubts. just like the patients come to doctor and one will get cured quickly and one will not. for every people there is a guide. [ Taher 04 Jul 05:23 ]

grandshaykh used to mentoin that story and it is a story but he used to teach by it. one person in a huge desert and as you walk through it you reach the ocean. and near the ocean are bushes. and one person is looking for something to worship. he found nothing except the bushes. so he begin to say, O bushes! show me where I have to pray and to whom I have to pray. [ Taher 04 Jul 05:24 ]

so bushes answer to him, because wa in min shayyin ila yusabihoo bi hamdih, there is nothing that does not praise Allah, and so Allah wants to guide him by these bushes there is nothing in the desert but these bushes so he says to them "guide me" and so he hears them say "worship Allah!" and so he begins to worship His Creator and day and night he takes care of these bushes. one night winter came and the wind came and takes the bushes by their roots and blow them in the air. and the bushes going in the air and falling in the ocean. and the man said, to the bushes please dont leave me, please dont leave me you are my guide. and he is running after them and he is running on the water. that is because he has full taslimiyya, if you follow the guide and you have ful taslimiyya you will be rising up earht will have no gravity on you. that means as soon as he begins to whirl like an engine that jalaluddin ar-Rumi used to whirl like an engine rising up wiht his followers. so when they open for you you will be rising as long as you have taslimiyya, then gravity will not apply to you and you will float. [ Taher 04 Jul 05:27 ]

so the prinicple in every tariqah is that the mureed must submit to the Shaykh. he must do what is ordered to do. and you go to xray doctor he says I have to make for you xray. then he says I have to make for you MRI and you dont say no. you are happy to do Xray. ask him [more money [ Taher 04 Jul 05:28 ]

they are happy to Xray and MRI and anything they can do for and the patient is happy because he is not payng and the insurance is paying. so in this matter who is paying the responsibility. the Shaykh is responsible and he is paying and liable for anything he says shariah wise. so the Shaykh might have one way and the mureed has another way that is not the same. that is responsibility of Shaykh and we must be folowing his way. better to be sheep than to be shepherd. dont be goat. it goes climbs mountains and shouts. be a lamb and they are quiet go to the field and eat the grass. goats are roaming everywhere dont be goat be a lamb. [ Taher 04 Jul 05:30 ]

that is why they said they want the mureed to be like the leaves of tree in fall. when the leaves fall down they dont say "why are you throwing me" they dont care. when order comes they fall down and the wind comes and take them to the fire and burn them. the leaves dont protest and say why are you burning me. and we want mureeds like that he said, we take them left they go and take them right they go and take them to fire they go that is why Rabi`a al-`Adawiyya said, I am not worshipping You my Lord to get into Paradise and I am not worshipping you to escape Hellfire but I am worshipping You because I love you. we continue tomorrow in-sha-Allah , wa min Allah at-tawfeeq bi hurmati 'l-Fatiha ameen ameen wa salaamun `alaa al-mursaleen wa min Allah at-tawfeeq bi hurmati 'l-Fatiha [ Taher 04 Jul 05:32 ]